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                                              Stacked & Rigged by Cabinet Members? 

Ask yourselves why is the SEVENTH CONSECUTIVE Commonwealth of Australia Executive-Government still willfully engaged in concealing by aiding & abetting uncontitutional indictable frauds in offence of Her Majesty's 1952 Coronational Oath solemnly promised and sworn to govern the Peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Nothern Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, Pakistan and Cylon, and Her Possesions and the other Territories to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs?

Those crimes of omitting to disclose price-sensitive encumberances issued by the Court of Faculties Notary Publics pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth) were dishonestly concealed and not revealed by unconstitutional crimes perpetrated for and by the HOWARD EXECUTIVE GOVERNMENT.

Those inidictable crimes are insider trading and market manipulation frauds committed as strategical premeditated white-collar disclosure omission frauds. Engaged in as Organised Crimes by a Cartel of White Collar Criminals as a  premeditated intent to corruptly commit Global Stock Market Insider Trading & Market Manipulation Frauds, to misuse the proceeds of the encumbered shares conversions to be able to fund the FUTURE FUND to fund their own public service superanuations from the proceeds of their public service crimes.

This politically remaining fully outstanding National debt owing in resitution of property matter has been by a cartel of officers of the Commonwealth of Australia was admitted by being secretly branded & labelled by them internally as being another Casualty of Telecom (CoT) Case matter ; hence, Kenneth-Clyde Ivory  is still a concealed and global stock market disclosure omitted CoT Case matter that has been politically concealed & not yet Federal Budget disclosed for now well over the last twenty five (25+) years, despite being very price sensitive amount owing but were not global stock market disclosed in the Commonwealth's Telstra share floats offers published in 1997, 1999 & 2006 in the Crown's alleged share float liability disclosures.

However, other more minor CoT liabilities were disclosed in within the 1997 Commonwealth of Australia offered & sold Telstra one share sales float as market offer disclosures, were by deceit only disclosed because they were not price sensitive amounts owing. Which political frauds do clearly evidence that:

There is Absolutely No Political Democracy or Political Honesty Left within the Commonwealth of Australia, just a smug faction of officers who politically commit and or who wilfully conceal theirs or their predecessors travesty’s of Parliamentary democracy committed unconscionable and contrary to law, for ongoing political party self-serving gains and advantage, all protected by our purported State, Territory and Commonwealth Government(s) and by their purported Judiciary, Governors and by the Governor-General(s) of past and present, who demonstrate collusively, that they have and still are treasonously acting as a dishonourable and dishonest cartel without any Separations of Powers, and who have fallen into the hands of the cartels of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.

Honourable Peter Dutton MP,      Date: Wednesday 5th September 2018
as the Hon. Minister for Home Affairs,
In care: P.O. Box 2012 Strathpine,
              Queensland. 4500 - Tel: (07) 3205 9977
Email:   [email protected]                           

Dear Home Affairs Minister, the Hon. Peter Dutton MP,

Please take notice: That at all real time from when the herein still outstanding 1993 matter first arose all was & is at no fault of Our own. I was a successful Brisbane, Queensland Businessman & Inventor of My Inventions that had Patent Protections in all 93 PEACE TREATY COUNTRIES to protect My February 1994 inventions. Our then global Solar-Mesh(R) business Head Office was situated on the south-side of Brisbane from about 1985 until late 2010.  Prior our Solar-Mesh(R) Head Office was in Coffs Harbour where I founded our proto-type Solar-Mesh(R) invention in & from 1983. I had prior fields of business from 1974 to 1986.

I am 66.5 Years of age & unconscionably am defrauded & hence am an aged pensioner!

Minister, we note that You are the Home Affairs Minister & are thereby the Minister of the Crown who is currently directly responsible for the past & present conduct of the Australian Federal Police (AFP). The AFP has not yet taken any statement from Me on this!

Minister Peter Dutton MP, as listed at relevant times; please promptly take the time required for You to as the AFP portfolio Minister to answer each of these matters raised as outlined, by You correctly answering each point by point by return mail addressed directly to Me. As it is My Will that You please ministerially do honourably & honestly, do so forthwith. Also, it is My duty to bring these matters to Your attention for AFP investigations & for AFP prosecutions to take place via You. The AFP duties are needed so that financial restitution of property remedy can also rightly occur. So that I can then constitutionally put My defrauded past, in the past, & get on with financially enjoying My retirement Years.

Minister Dutton, take notice these serious Organised Crime matters exposed herein, should have been dealt with before the parliament, but by funding of corrupt bribes paid to officers of the Crown & by officers of the Commonwealth engaging in decades of corrupt wrongdoings, including crimes of willful fraud & perjury to pervert, are not yet dealt with:

As the Minister for Home Affairs, is it correct the Australian Federal Police (AFP) is the principal federal law enforcement agency of the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia with a unique AFP role to investigate criminality & crime to protect we the people & to protect the overall national security of the Commonwealth of Australia?  Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

As a former Queensland Police Officer, & former National Crime Authority Officer is it in essence correct that the role of Queensland Police was & is to provide operational policing services to the community by protecting life & property, preserving peace & safety, preventing crime & upholding law having regard for the public good & rights of individuals. To maintain operational safety under varying work conditions & in diverse locations; & adhere to guidelines & police powers, procedures & responsibility at all times. To undertake operational patrols, respond to situations to enforce laws & maintain public order, by exercising police powers, to investigate incidents or offences, & prepare & present correct & factual evidence in a judicial or quasi-judicial setting? Yes or No. If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

While You were a Queensland Police officer in December 1996 was it then a requirement for Queensland Police Officers before or after a wrongful arrest was committed by abuses of legal process with or without a valid warrant, was it an obligation to conduct a Police interview before a Magistrate could then grant bail?  Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right? 

When You were a Queensland Police officer in December 1996; would it possibly have been a criminal offence for crooked & shonky lawyers to engage in dishonest third-party predatory boycotting by corruptly inducing a Magistrate & a Charge bench officer before any arrest occurred? To in advance pre-arrange ex-parte not to allow for any bail right at Christmas time until the New Year? Which wrongdoings & frauds was pre-designed to have, had time, while unlawfully I was being held in custody for a Queensland Police officer to during that wrongful arrest & that illegally committed false incarceration to falsify issue a bogus mental health warrant through a dual income lawyer’s mate a psychiatric doctor. To thereby ensure not to have any more Telstra officers names ending up on any more bogus Telstra issued CoT Cases mental health warrants, was that lawful?  The lawyer’s conscious intention I had foiled by sheer chance, by My medical needs. That premeditated criminal intent on their parts was to have maliciously inflicted more dishonest & unconscionably harm, undue defamation, loss, injury & damage to be inflicted on Me by a corrupt officers. I am a human targeted CoT matter, business owner. All committed as a diversion to conceal the truth to avoid paying restitution of property; a liability owed to Me for a 1800 prefix systemic phone fault? Yes or No. If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Peter Dutton MP, You are also noticed in good faith that during that wrongful arrest period a dual income Telstra officer of the Commonwealth was also a Mallesons Stephen Jaques (Secret) MSJ Partner. Telstra retained MSJ, so he as a dual income conflicting loyalty officer of the Commonwealth as also a (secret) MSJ law firm partner was receiving dual financial benefits from the proceeds of his CoT crimes. He acted predatorily in collusion with My multinational competitors Boral/Cyclone before, during & after the Wrongful Arrest on 23.12.96. A dual, conflicting loyalty Chairman of Telstra an officer of the Commonwealth was corruptly also the Chairman of MSJ from 1995 by replacing Stanley Howard, who is or was now former Prime Minister John Winston Howard’s brother.  Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

In 1997 while you were a Queensland Police Officer; was it a criminal offence for a third party via Telstra Corporate Security a Commonwealth owned agency with a politically appointed Telstra Board, to pay I.D.S & Ors with Commonwealth public funds, private investigators (“PI’s”) to covertly stork Us & misuse illegal bugging device?

From inside parked vehicles, PI’s misused an unlawful electronic device that cost $40,000.00 to buy the electronic bugging device. Then paid PI’s to illegally & unethically spy on Us & to illegally bug Me & Our business premises, was that criminal offences? Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Was that a criminal offence to illegally bug Us to unconscionably & unfairly be taking illegal advantages by spying covertly on Us & by using an unlawful bugging device in deprivation of Our families rights to privacy within our private residence, & within our businesses, including their predatory boycotting & illegal bugging of our minor children 24/7.  Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Telstra hired PI’s who were paid to take without our knowledge covert photos from behind bushes of our small children, & of their friends (as minors). They also were storking Us covertly, & told lies to our neighbours & took clandestine photos of My Wife & of Myself. Plus had other deviates parked down the street covertly beaming in electronically & secretly recording our personal, private & confidential & trade secret conversations & Minister was it criminally illegal also to be secretly bugging our phone conversations?  Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Is it correct that in January 2006 you were politically appointed by the Commonwealth Government (for the Crown) to be the Assistant Treasurer & Minister for Revenue until the 2007 election?   Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Is it also correct that from about January 2006 as the Assistant Treasurer & Minister for Revenue You were thereby professionally assisting the Hon. Treasurer Peter Howard Costello MP, the Crown’s Treasury officers, & helping the Minister for Finance the Hon. Senator Nick Minchin & the Department of Finance officers, & assisting the Board of Telstra & assisting the Communications Minister the Hon. Senator Helen Coonan & her departmental officers & helping the Hon. Prime Minister John Winston Howard MP & his staffers & was assisting the Commonwealth's & Telstra's legal advisory firms of Freehill Hollingdale & Page & of Mallesons Stephen Jaques with the Commonwealth’s Telstra three share float disclosure information? Resulted in insider trading & market manipulation frauds were committed by concealing price-sensitive global stock market Telstra shares encumbrance omissions in at least the Commonwealth's Telstra three (3) Shares Float alleged sale. Committed willfully by dishonest default by Organised Crimes of converting undisclosed & encumbered shares into share sale conversion funds to get the encumbered shares turned into cash unethically. By transferring the encumbered share float proceeds into the FUTURE FUND to from that place; fund the previously politically unfunded superannuation black hole to be able to provide by theft & deception from Me; the capitalisation of the FUTURE FUND for it to in time be able to support Public Servants & Politicians by paying Your superannuation’s upon retirements? Yes or No. If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Dutton, is it correct that in 2013 to 2014 periods as the Health Minister for the Crown You had a $20 billion Medical Research fund set up & funded from the 2006/07 Telstra alleged shares sales conversion proceeds FUTURE FUND held alleged public sovereign wealth funds? Yes or No. If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Dutton is it correct You were assisting as listed in "K" above back in 2006. Minister is it right that those participants & You had collectively agreed with each other to defraud Me? Did you also mutually decided that the 2006 Commonwealth’s Telstra three share float prospectus was NOT to have published in it any Seller’s & Directors Authorisation PAGE & NOT to be signed off by the Finance Minister Senator Nicholas (Nick) Minchin & NOT to be signed off by each of the Telstra board & NOT be published to investors, thus an unauthorised float?  Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Dutton, is that why a Seller’s & Directors Authorisation PAGE was not ever published & thus no such page was ever released to Telstra 3 investors & or to any global stock markets in 2006?   Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Dutton, was a Seller’s & Directors Authorisation PAGE ever published within the 1997 Telstra one float & also published & issued within the 1999 Commonwealth’s Telstra two share float public offers, & public disclosures prospectuses? Yes or No. If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Dutton was & is it a criminal offence for Ministers of the Crown & Telstra’s Board Members to in 1997 only disclose in the Commonwealth’s Telstra public offer prospectus that: The five unresolved claims total $27.7 million. In connection with the CoTs claims, committees of the Senate have made enquiries of Telstra’s handling of the CoT’s and related cases? Why is it so, that I was also not made part of that CoT Case matters Senate Committee Inquiry? Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Dutton was & is it a criminal offence for Senator(s) Joyce & Coonan to have willfully misled the Senate by concealing My CoT Case matter’s price-sensitive liability owing to Me to get the Full privatisation of Telstra passed in the Senate? Is it a criminal offence to Legal Advisory firms, Politically & Telstra board to have jointly only disclosed that $27.7 million was unresolved as if it was all that was owing in 1997 when that alleged amount as published in 1997 to the global markets was not even a price-sensitive-amount? All while they were willfully not disclosing this 1993 CoT Case matter a very-price-sensitive-amount still accruing to be paid to Me?  Yes or No. If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Dutton, was it criminally false, misleading & or deceptive only to have disclosed to the global stock markets in 1997 alleging that there were only five (5) CoT Case matters that were still unresolved? When We have witnessed & noted that between 1999 & 2003 there were at least nine (9) CoT matters that were each financially settled not five (5). Whereas My 1993 CoT Case matter in 2018 remains fully unsettled & is still undisclosed in Commonwealth Budgets & remains entirely undisclosed to all global Telstra alleged shares sales, stock markets? Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Dutton, is it correct that such global stock market frauds, for the Commonwealth in its Telstra share floats by insider trading & market manipulation frauds as scandalously were unconscionable committed in 1997, 1999 & at the very least in 2006 via implicated abuses of powers by officers of the Crown, the Telstra boards & legal advisors; is those wrongdoings criminal in nature? Yes or No. If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Dutton MP, in 2018 as the current Minister for Home Affairs You are the portfolio Minister responsible for the Australian Federal Police are you not? Yes or No. If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Dutton MP, given Your expertise as Queensland Police officer, a Detective, & a former National Crime Authority officer; as AFP Minister do You deem any of these above alleged matters as raised in good faith by Me with You; are any of them as outlined of a criminal nature? Yes or No. If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Dutton MP, now that You first-hand specially made aware of the issues as herein outlined, & referred to You by Me; Ministerial please honourably & ethically put them directly before the Australian Federal Police (AFP) via Yourself as the responsible AFP portfolio Minister for Home Affairs & forthwith notify Me as to when they were put before the AFP by Yourself? Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

Minister Peter Dutton MP, please have the AFP contact Me directly in writing.  For the AFP officers to arrange to make an appointment time with Me. So the AFP can then come to Geelong & take an official AFP statement & collect evidence from Me. Also to take a Statement from another firsthand witness of perjury committed to maliciously pervert justice & for the AFP to thoroughly investigate this CoT Case matter as described or referred to in good faith by Me?  Yes or No.  If No, please explain in detail precisely what is not right?

    Honourable and Sincerely,
    with all rights reserved by
    Kenneth-Clyde Ivory,              ...........................................

In care: P.O. Box 403 Geelong,
              Geelong City, Victoria. 3220 -
 E-mail: [email protected]   - Tel: 0405 122 560.

From:  National Integrity Commission Select Committee (SEN)
Sent:      Monday, January 30, 2017 5:12 PM
To:          'Kenneth Ivory'  
Subject: RE: Stacked & Rigged
Dear Mr Ivory,

Thank you for your email.

The Select Committee on the National Integrity Commission ceased at the dissolution of the 44th Parliament.


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From:      Kenneth Ivory [mailto:[email protected]
Sent:       Sunday, 11 December 2016 3:49 PM
To:          National Integrity Commission Select Committee (SEN)
Cc:          Kenneth Ivory
Subject: Stacked & Rigged

Hi National Integrity Commission Select Committee

My above link’s article may be of interest to you,
I am sending it to you in good faith, as you seem
to be a fair-dinkum and honourable Commission. 

Any assistance from you would be much appreciated.

As I simply require the restitution of Property sum
certain amount which is still fully owing to me to be
satisfied by the Commonwealth and to be received
by me before close of business on Friday 16.12.16.

My funds are sitting in the FUTURE FUND by default.

I thank you in anticipation of your assistance to do so.

Kind regards,
Kenneth-Clyde  Ivory.
Australian Government      
Department of Finance and Administration    
Finance Circular
No. 2004/03

To all Agencies under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997
Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, Commercial Bills and Other Securities of a Similar Nature
To advise Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act) agencies of government policy in relation to promissory notes, bills of exchange, commercial bills and other securities of a similar nature.
Key points   
1.    Promissory notes, bills of exchange, commercial bills and other securities of a similar           nature affect the indebtedness of the Australian Government.
2.    Under the Administrative Arrangements Order, the Department of the Treasury has 

       responsibility for borrowing money on the public credit of the Commonwealth and has
       in place standard debt issuance arrangements.
Would the majority of We the People in any way stop, think, or to consider and or to concluded that it is very possible and or that it could possibly be factually true and correct that Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds were committed to:
  a. Manipulate, over-inflate and to STACK & RIG the Commonwealth's 
      own Telstra float share sale prices obtained by the Commonwealth
      of Australia by Cabinet-Members wilful misuses of slieght of hand 
      so that the Commonwealth's share conversions were proceeds of
      their insider trading crimes would be stashed and transfered into
      the Commonwealth's own FUTURE FUND designed to pay
      themselves not age pensioners, but to fund their own public office
      superanuations designed by crooked Cabinet Members and their
      hand-picked less than honest officers of the Commonwealth.

 b. Who collusively acted with implicated competing and conflicting
      Mallesons Stephen Jaques law firm partners (MSJ) now known as
      King & Wood Mallesons (KWM). Who acted in concert with each
      other as a very Powerful CRIMINAL CARTEL to in bad faith wilfully
      engage in unlawful, unconstitutional, fraudulent and totally illegal
      misconduct committed on each of their parts and on the part of
      the purported AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT to defraud We the
      People of the Commowealth of Australia, is for you to decide? 

    They are also our LAW Makers!  Hence, is it OK for them to break
    the laws they make without penalty to any of them?  Our Attorney
    -General and Justice Minister because of both of their silences they
    are both thereby tacitly condoning the crimes, just outlined above.

Is it OK with We the People of the Commonwealth of Australia and with the GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS that their misconduct which created these herein outlined very Exceptional Circumstances Constitutional situations were and or may have deliberately been criminally engaged in by Executive Cabinet Members of the if correct then extremely dishonest former HOWARD COALITION GOVERNMENT?

As a fair-minded individual human-being would You also believe that these outlined crimes are still being covered-up knowingly by each and by every government of the day ever since, and that officers of the Commonwealth involved in 2016 are politically aiding and abetting former Liberal Party of Australia Executive Cabinet Members, and of the National Party of Australia, as well as Labor Party of Australia members, etc, ever since, and does that not alone make You think why would they be protecting each other who by themselves thereby also  would be wilfully braking the law as if they had committed those white-collar insider trading and market manipulation frauds and crimes themselves, would they not? 

Moreover, the former dishonourable Senator Richard Alston from 1996 to 2003 concealed these crimes from the Senate and in 2016 Alston is now the President of the Liberal Party of Australia, and is thereby still dishonestly pulling the strings of the current Cabinet-Members to conceal his crimes; when Alston was the portfolio Minister by concealing this CoT matter he also mislead and deceive the 24 June 1997 Senate Estimates Committee Inquiry held into other CoT and CoT related cases, but Alston and Fletcher colluded to excluded this outstanding CoT matter from that inquiry. 

Which Senate Estimates Inquiry was thereby maliciously concealed from Ivory by Alston and by his 1996 to 2000 Chief-of-Staff another strategically positioned Ex-MSJ lawyer Paul Fletcher who has now been further rewarded as now being political party reward selected to have since become a current Federal Member of Parliament and still is in 2016 for some years thus far.  Keeping in mind we have past serveral Governor-General's who have know about their criminality; but who still kept rewarding them by still swearing them into office after each election.

If you believe these facts could be or are true and are correct as they are based on our years of suffering by their misconduct; then would you or the majority of We the People in any way further stop, to consider and or to concluded that such unconscionably, dishonourably and unconstitutionally abuses of public office resulted in those back then once trusted officers of the Commonwealth who betrayed our trust and did pull the wool over each of our eyes; as they strategically and illegally chose to wilfully do so by having dishonourably, falsely, dishonestly and absolutely very unconstitutionally only disclosed the collectively much smaller CoT five (5) Victim's quantum's of resitution pf Property then outstanding and owing.

But there was Eight (8) other CoT victims who were since paid-out in 1999 to 2003 in restitution of Property as was paid to them out of Commonwealth public funds; as was paid to at least Eight (8) other Casualties of Telecom (CoT) Victims, but only five (5) of those eight (8) other CoT Victims had been disclosed in 1997 in the Commonwealth's Telstra 1 share Float disclosures - prospectus. They got paid out in 1999 to 2003.

Thereby misleading and deceiving the Global Markets and Mum and Dad Investors in 1997 by falsely making out that purportedly there were only remaining Five (5) outstanding other CoT matters, by falsely asserting that all other outstanding CoT victims had each been all previously paid out and settled.

Those other CoT victims setteled before the Telstra 1 float were apparently screwed over for much, much lesser quantum's than was disclosed to be owing to purportedly just five (5) outstanding CoTs.

It was falsely asserting that collectively there was only outastanding a total amount only $27.75 million between the Five (5) CoTs disclosed in 1997 collectively, but there was then Eight (8) CoTs who got paid not just Five(5) and  Ivory's CoT matter is still fully undisclosed in 2016, and is still fully unpaid resitution of Property; so how could this be so, was it criminality, negligence or recklessness perpetrated by our Cabinet Member or was it fraud and deception or was it deliberate criminal intent on each of their parts?   

But Cabinet-Member still dishonourably and illegally wasted more, and more public funds on dishonest lawyers and dishonest law firm partnerships to commit more and more CoT mishandling crimes and fraud to fund to have such herein outlined CoT mishandling crimes perpetrated and falsely committed as political party smoke-screens to ensure to deflect attention away from the still accruing public debt 1800 prefix systemic fault restitution of Property liability owing to  Kenneth-Clyde Ivory by Cabinet-Members and the law firms having maliciously acted as a cartel by continuing to conceal the public debt still owing in full to  Ivory, by fully omitting to disclose this substantial herein much larger and still accruing fully undisclosed and still fully outstanding CoT Liability owing to Ivory in restitution of his Property.

Such wrongdoings were comitted in bad faith is no less than unlawful and illegal insider trading and market manipulation frauds engaged-in by Executive Cabinet Members.  Ivory had Patent Protections for his INVENTIONS in 93 Peace treaty Countries from February 1994, and despite the annual fees to IP AUSTRALIA the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT'S kept defrauded those markets and Patent protections from Ivory and from  Ivory's Solar-Mesh(R) Businesses.

Which indictable crimes are ever since still being covered-up by every Governor-General strategically commissioned and who thereby did criminally aid and abet with no seperations of powers and who thereby maliciously acted treasonously in total abuse and in contempt of Her Majesty's Consitutional Authority; and who did each have a constitutional obligation to have each of them charged and indicted.

Thereby those past Governor-General's have maliciously acted wilfully and tresonously in deliberate contempt of Her Majesty's Consititional Authority; and Her Majesty's Governor-General's and their misadvisors as officers of the Commonwealth of past and present are still in breach of their constitutional obligations and duties to have each offending Cabinet-Member and each of their cartel participants charged and indicted for their cartels treasonous contempt of Her Majesty's Notarial Court of Faculties Authority and Prerogative Commands given, ordered and commanded therein to pay the accruing resitutution of Property public debt still fully owing to  Ivory.

So let's see if the present Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove is honest and honourable as he is forthwith constitutionally obliged to interven and remedy this Exceptional Circumstance fully outstanding CoT victim matter.  But, is he Man enough and independent enough to consitutionally and prerogative authority inclinded to honourably and justly do so forthwith? The jury of We the People is still out on this, but time will tell. 

By concealing the herein outlined past and present Executive-Cabinet-Members corruption and the former Governor-General's having each for well known but who chose to break the law themselves.

Because if disclosure of  Ivory's CoT matter out-standing restitution of Property as independlty quantified in 2004 but is still fully outstanding liability; because if it was disclosed by them politically to the public investors and to markets globally then it would have effected and or would have adversely would have also adversely impacted on the Commonwealth's GDP and global credit ratings if disclosed in their thereby omitted and therefore are still making false Budget disclosures in 2016.

Because if such full disclosures were to ever be actually and factually disclosed by them; as was concealed and as was omitted; was simply because if it had have been disclosed it would have adversely impacted in the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, 2 and 3 Share Float revenue conversions ability to sell and dump perhaps any of the Commo0nwealth's We the People's then held Telstra shares. Dumped to fund their own superanuations instead of funding aged pensions.

But, IF IT DOES GET DISCLOSED it still will force a full buy-back of the Commonwealth of Australia's thereby INVALID Telstra three (3) float and to possibly cause the Telstra 1 and 2 shares to also have to be bought back by the Commonwealth of Australia. That is why the misrunning of the ASX and of ASIC was STACKED & RIGGED for the Commonwealth's Telstra 3 share float with MSJ People to conceal this!

Because if disclosure of the liability owing to Ivory had been disclosed back in 1997, 1999 and or in 2006 in any of their falsely purported Telstra share floats, it would have made it unviable for the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, 2 and 3 share float's to have proceeded and then the implicated dishonest polies and their selected officers of the Commonwealth would not have been able to fund the black-hole they had not being able to pay for their own and or for any of their fellow implicated officers of the Commonwealth's retirement superannuation's, because all previous government had failed to put funds away to keep getting re-elected, instead of getting real jobs.

Would We the People consider as fair minded human-beings, that those reasons are why the outstanding public debt owing to Ivory was illegally omitted and still is dishonourably and was and is still unconscionably being concealed and fully omitted from having been disclosed in the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, 2 and 3 public offer disclosure prospectuses?

So why have our Governor-General's who were sworn-in to administer the conduct of all past and of all present Cabinet-Members of the Commonwealth of Australia, but have failed to do what they were paid to do so why were they silenced by our purported Law Makers is that being silent akin to them tacitly and illegally and criminally aproving such crimes by the past Governor-General's thereby themselves knowingly acting unconstitutionally and also without any Separations of Powers is it not?

Her Majesty is Constitutionally the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia not our Politicians.  Her Majesty's Governor-General is Consitutionally bound to forthwith intervene and remey these herein serious consitutional breach matters to the full extent of the Consititution forthwith or immediately Constitutionally fully dissolve the 2016 elected and just sworn-in entire both houses of Parliament and is he not bound to sack or have sacked and indicte all corrupt public servants implicated at the same time or resign himself from the Consitutionally High Office of Governor-General in disgrace of him otherwise Un-Consititutionally wasting Tax Payers funds as by the Governor-General to do his constitutional duties in relation to this CoT matters Exceptional Circumstances would he thereby be refusing to Consitutionally protect not just Ivory but also all of We the People by misacting as a puppet to Cabinet-Member's crimes and those of his own staffers implicated in concealing this still accruing public debt? 

Which still fully outstanding CoT Victim Liability owing is still monthly accruing as an expense now of the Tax Payers seeing it was not disclosed to investors and the markets globally before the Commonwealth dumped its shares at inflate share sale prices by concaling this public debt of several GDP points.

This still accruing and still fully outstanding CoT liability was also dishonestly and unconsionably fully omitted from being disclosed by and via the Executive Cabinet Members who were politically hand-picked by political party officers and who strategically hand picked them and who then employed their hand picked corrupt Officers of the Commonwealth; so as to strategically with premeditated criminal intent to ensure to 'fully omit disclosure' at any risk and at any cost.

Why you may be asking, well so as to be able to ultimately used the Telstra 3 share float procedds to be able to fund their own public service and politically service self-serving FUTURE FUND seed; so as from 2020 be cable to then beable use those funds to ultimately be able to fund their own self-serving future retirement by commiting such frauds to give themselves financial security to ensure the Commonwealth of Australia's otherwise deep black-hole previously fully un-fund superannuation's could by their fraud and deception be unsonsionably funded from the proceeds of their share float financial liability disclose crimes and frauds. 

Thereby Ivory's encumberances recorded and placed officially over the Commonwealth's Telstra 3 Shares were when converted without disclosure of the encumberances, they were thereby funds that were gained illegally and frauduently by Cabinet-Member's wilful insider trading and market manipulation crimes & fraud! 

Hence the FUTURE FUND is storing unlawfully obtained funds, which if obtained lawfully by the Future Fund then they are  funds that largely are share converted funds owing to Ivory; which are then being unlawfully held and unlawfully stored in the Future Fund. Ineed Ivory's lien placed and recorded over the Commonwealth's Telstra 3 shares were officially jurisdictionally lien issued to  Ivory from before the purported FUTURE FUND came into existance in late April 2006. 

Do You believe sworn-in Cabinet-Members and other Officers of the Commonwealth would have stooped this low to wilfully omit to disclose to the Markets Globally Ivory's Officially Encumbered Telstra 3 Share Sale encumberances; to ensure that all of the Shares Converted Funds would then be misused and abused by sleight-of-hand deceit to first convert Telstra 3 shares to then procure the converted funds despite being encumbered without making full and proper market disclosures?

Would those discloseure encumberance omissions then not have been committed wilfully by dishonest criminal intent to deceitfully and unconsionably conceal their liability omission frauds committed on the part of Cabinet Members and on the part of implicated officers of the Commonwealth and on the part of legal advisory firms involved?

By-Gee Goldmansachs during the Telstra 2 float got paid $4 million dollars for giving advice behind closed doors to the Commonwealth's Liberal Party Cabinet-Members did they not? O'h dear and wasn't Malcolm Bligh Turnbull then at that same point in time the head of Goldmansacks in Australia? 

So we are now woundering was it shear coinsidence that Malcolm Bligh Turnbull then got Liberal Party of Australia preselected to now be Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull MP?

Was it all committed illegally so that the proceeds of their Telstra 3 Share Sales cash conversions and remaining shares could be and were stashed and transferred by fraud purportedly at arms length; but to be unconsitutionally tucked away  from We the People and from Ivory so as to by default to illegally store Ivory's Bill and Lien encumbered Share proceeds once converted into cash proceeds funds to be by sleight of hand then put straight into the bank accounts of their purported Future Fund?

When it therefore appears that all seed funds put into the FUTURE FUND was unconscionably and fraudulently procured and obtained by fraud, deception, theft and by unconstitutional default right back in 2006.   Because if We the People do understand these basic facts correctly, then, do We the People all fully realize that there is  NO Statutory of Limitations, in relation to such serious frauds, as appear to have been falsely, unconscionably, wrongfully and unlawfully committed by the Howard Coaltion Government for their own security in retirement at We the Peoples expence?  Now Peter Howard Costello the Telstra 1, 2 & 3 share float Treasurer and FUTURE FUND mastermind is currently the Chairman of the FUTURE FUND. Does demonstrate the level of cronyisms at play by past and present purported Astralian Governments, does it not?

Hence currently it appears we still do not have any independent INVESTIGATIVE AUTHORITY who has sufficient Separations of Powers and who has the Necessary Royal Commission Investigative Powers to fully investigate, these very serious matters of not just misappropriations of a public owned asset Telstra shares, but when based on these facts Telstra was sold to fund themselves in retirement, not to fund aged pensioners.

All resultant from Cabinet-Members having approved stacking and rigging as was committed fraudulently and corruptly for them by their politically hand-picked stacking and rigging of their purported judiciary (their fellow lawyer mates) politically appointed along with their stacked and rigged the ASX, plus ASIC, the TIO LIMITED and the ACCC their purported regulators etc including the rigging of the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia (the RBA) and the misrunning of the ACMA etc, as set-out herein! 

When independent findings are made against their cartel members wrongdoings, fraud and perjury they simply ignore them, as has their  past purported Governor-General's of the Commonwealth of Australia, but, the people's jury is still out waiting and watching not just nationally but also globally watching to now see if the current Governor-General has the necessary integrity to override there being No Separations of Powers available in relation to this still fully out-standing and still fully un-disclosed but still accruing Commonwealth of Australia budget omitted and wilfully fully singled-out CoT liability.

Please investigate and consider all of the facts set-out herein carefully for yourselves, before making up your own minds: 

Why was it so, that the HOWARD Liberal Party Inc. and the ANDERSON National Party Inc. collectively engaged in unconscionable and discriminative misconduct to commit insider trading and market manipulation frauds against the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, 2 and 3 Share Float Investors and Stock Markets Globally; and well as wilfully against the herein still fully outstanding Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom - Telstra (CoT) Victim by  intentionally just conceal specifically this one (1) major herein outstanding CoT Victim's outstanding quantum of liability owing to Ivory, to intentionally set-out to deliberately conceal just this substantially larger fully independently loss assessed and quantified restitution of Property Public Liability Owing to Ivory, but disclosed just the smaller outstanding quantum's owing of in combined total only $27.7 million dollars, but Ivory's SUM CERTAIN AMOUNT OWING was fully omitted from being disclosed by the said Two (2) Political Party's Members Colluding to wilfully conceal the very substantially larger liability owing to Ivory by dishonestly omitting to disclose the still accruing liability owing to Ivory so as to conceal the outstanding liability from the Investors and Markets Globally from between December 1996 to December 2006 while acting as purportedly the 'AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT' to do so, by not full filling their oath's of office as Cabinet Members of the Commonwealth of Australia?  

Now please stop reading for a moment and consider by simply asking yourself what would motivate two political parties to individually and severally collude to break the rule of law and to keep breaking the rule of law by all subsequent governments, year-in-year-out, just how serious a fraud on the people has been committed unconstitutionally?

Misprision of TREASON
Oxford Dictionary of Law:-

  * “ misprision n.  Failure to report an offence. The former crime of 
                                misprision of felony has been replaced by the crime
                                of compounding an offence.  

   * However the common-law offence of misprision of treason still
      exists; this occurs if a person knows or reasonably suspects that
      someone has committed treason but does not inform the proper
      authorities within a reasonable time. The punishment for this
      offence is forfeiture by the offender of all his property during his
      lifetime. ”

       Crimes Act 1960 No. 84 of 13th December 1960,
       Section 24—Treason

       * 24.-(1.) A person who-

          (c) levies war, or does any act preparatory to levying war,
               against the Commonwealth;

          (d) assists by any means whatever, with intent to assist, an
               (i) at war with the Commonwealth, whether or
                    not the existence of a state of war has been
                    declared; and
               (ii) specified by proclamation made for the
                    purpose of this paragraph to be an enemy
                    at war with the Commonwealth;
          (e) instigates a foreigner to make an armed invasion of the
               Commonwealth or any Territory not forming part
               of the Commonwealth; or
          (f) forms an intention to do any act referred to in a preceding
               paragraph of this sub-section and manifests that
               intention by an overt act, shall be guilty of an indictable
               offence, called treason, and liable to the punishment of
               death. (Now is life in prison.)

                 24AA.—(1.) A person shall not—
                    (a) do any act or thing with intent—
                         (i) to overthrow the Constitution of the Commonwealth
                              by revolution or sabotage;
                        (ii) to overthrow by force or violence the established
                              government of the Commonwealth, of a State or of a 
                              proclaimed country; or”
                “24AA.—(3.) A person who contravenes a provision of this
                                     section shall be guilty of an indictable offence,
                                     called treachery.
          Penalty:  Imprisonment for life.”

The  more these so called Australian Government entities denigrate us the worse it will be for each of their Stacked & Rigged strategically positioned implicated purportedly trusted elected and non-elected officers of the Commonwealth when the tide turns against their terribly wrongdoings and spin doctoring tactics to defraud we the people, who pay them.
The tide may have already commenced to turn against them due to their decades of wrongdoings, based on the herein immediate below cut and pasted 12.12.2016 globally published information:

King & Wood Mallesons: An Autopsy
Chris Johnson and Rose Walker, The American Lawyer
December 12, 2016    | 0 Comments with the contacts you provide. 

Three years ago, the firm was hailed as a global pioneer. Now it is on the edge of collapse.    What went wrong?

Cabinet-Stacked will leave that for you to figure-out!

  1. Why did the Liberal Party of Australia Inc.?; and
  2. Why did the National Party Inc.?

     (Two (2) Purportedly different BRANDS of Political Parties wilfully act in Concert with each other) 

In abuse of public office while both political parties were masquerading to we the people as if they were acting as Honourable & Honest Coalition Government Cabinet Members of the Commonwealth of Australia as opposed to the non-constitutional 'AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT'?

Then simply please ask yourselves why did they politically and collectively, wilfully and strategically allow and to have and had Stacked and Rigged the thereby misrunning of the Commonwealth of Australia?

Perpetrated by their strategic having Mallesons Stephen Jaques (MSJ) Lawyers and E-MSJ Lawyers strategically positioned so as to collectively Stack and Rig the purported running of: 

         * The Australian Stock Exchange (the ASX) Ltd; and
         * Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC);
         * Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC);
          * Australian Consumer and Media Authority (the ACMA); 
          * Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Board; 
          * The Communication Minister Office;
          * The Prime Minister's Office;
          * The Telstra Board;
          * The Telstra Legal Directorate Office; and
          * The Treasurers Office; all stacked and rigged with:

        * GROSS competing & conflicting loyalties
           of Mallesons Stephen Jaques (MSJ) People; thereby 

Those strategically positioned MSJ trained people as a CARTEL did strategically and did dishonestly re-positioned and had re-positioned people, and which MSJ law firm and political stacking and rigging resulted in ensuring that the MSJ culture of perverting the truth did thereby keep occurring and which criminal and dishonest misconduct in public office was committed by being a kin to perverse MSJ Partnership culture having been strategically misused to in effect be Shadow Directing the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT.

Because the then LIBERAL PARTY OF AUSTRALIA INC. and the then NATIONAL PARTY OF AUSTRALIA INC. to in effect perpetrated grossly unlawful and strategic lawyer hijacking plan of committing gross maladministration of and by that 1996 to 2006 Federal Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, masquerading as the Australian Coalition Government. 

Which criminal intent of the lawyer cartel's premeditated wrongdoings culminated in the MSJ culture having by each of them having collectively acted dishonestly and dishonourably and they acted totally unconstitutionally and unconscionably by having  aided and abetted each other in unlawfully concealing and covering-up how the Telstra 3 Float Executive Government Cabinet Members and MSJ Partners had colluded with Freehill, Hollingdale and Page partnership (being the two (2) Legal  Advisory Firms in all three (3) Telstra Floats and who were also retained to defraud CoT victims before the Telstra 1 legislation was passed by misleading the Senate in December 1996 and ever since for well over two (2) decades they profited by defrauding CoT victims and thereby by defrauding all tax payers for their own ability to profit from the proceeds of their crimes)  and who as a powerful group of lawyers thereby dishonestly, intentionally and collectively acted as a corrupt cartel, to ensure funding for all officers of the Commonwealth would be transferred into the FUTURE FUND scam by therefore defrauding  Ivory a Major Creditor of the officially encumbered Commonwealth Telstra 3 held shares; which shares were dishonestly and  fraudulently dumped without market disclosure of Ivory's Held binding Court of Jurisdiction encumbrances issued in favour of Ivory as registered and placed bindingly over the Telstra 3 Shares since before the FUTURE FUND was established.

Furthermore, the FUTURE FUND was established by another Ex-MSJ lawyer, the thereby not so Honourable Peter Howard Costello MP back when Costello was the highly respected Commonwealth Treasurer in April 2006; and in 2016 Costello is now the Chairman of the FUTURE FUND which is and thereby who without any Separation of Powers, and they are unlawfully withholding encumbered converted Telstra 3 sale funds owing to Ivory according to law, and pursuant to a binding and successfully Protested bill of exchange and pursuant to it's Lien officially recorded and placed over the Commonwealth Telstra held Shares, as held at the 09 October 2006, well before the Future Fund was latter established.

Therefore they had each collusively chosen to criminally engage in perpetrating dishonest and unlawful Telstra 1, 2 and 3 Share Float Acts of wilfully committing deliberate 'Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds' by them having intentionally omitted in each float to NOT make any full and proper outstanding Casualty of Telecom-Telstra contingent liability disclosures owing to Ivory; so as to falsely obtain 'Higher Share Sale Price' by wilfully omitting to disclose the outstanding contingent liabilities successfully and bindingly an officially recorded, registered and placed in full favour of  Ivory Bill of Exchange and Lien recorded and placed over the Telstra 3 shares that were thereby wilfully dumped and converted into funds at over inflated share sales prices.

Debt is often reported as a relative indicator to allow comparison across all years, expressed as a proportion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In the 2013–14 Budget, the Government indicated that net debt in Australia rose from -3.8% of GDP in 2007–08 to 10.0% of GDP in 2011–12. The August 2013 Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Outlook (PEFO) estimated that net debt would rise to 11.7% of GDP in 2013–14 and peak in 2014–15 at 13.0% of GDP. These levels of net debt are not unprecedented in Australia. Between 1970–71 and 2011–12, net debt level as a percentage of GDP exceeded 10.0% ten times (mainly in the 1990s). The chart on net debt indicates that, when compared with other advanced economies, Australia’s net debt levels are comparatively low, and have been for some time.
So we must assume that seeing the past and current Cabinet-Members are still wilfully concealing and omitting to disclose all outstanding Public Debt(s) owing even those of around say 4% to 6% of GDP; then the real Public Debt of the Commonwealth of Australia level would most likely be currently more likely to be around 17% to 19% of GDP and possibly since 2015 to 2016 it may have PEAKED even higher and the Public Debt of the Commonwealth of Australia in September 2016 could now possibly already be perhaps around 25% of GDP, but without honourable and honest purported ‘Australian Government’ officers of the Commonwealth and or without honest and ethical Cabinet-Members who would know what the actual GDP level of Public Debt is accrued to and owing by the Commonwealth of Australia; but we must guess that means that the purported ‘Australian Government and Cabinet Members of the Commonwealth will keep the AAA Credit Ratings by omitting to disclose the truth so as wilfully misleading and deceiving Global Credit Rating Agency’s and to mislead and deceive We the People by strategically concealing and omitting to disclose all of the outstanding and over due Public Debt liabilities of the Commonwealth of Australia currently owing.

When they as Qualified Lawyers each for well knew or they should have each known that to cause or to allow for any such INSIDER TRADING AND MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS to occur or for such CRIMES to occur or for such CRIMINALITY to be covered-up by those who have and by those who still are covering them up, are to still now be each individually and severally held fully accountable to and for the full extent of the law for their thereby committed crimes, that were and are morally and legally wrongdoing on each of their parts.

Given that politically as qualified lawyers for their political cartel too consent to and or to and or to have engaged in any such measures and or to have knowingly aided and abetted for them to occur and or to aid and abet for their cartel's misconduct and crimes to continue by failing to have had them prosecuted for such crimes and or to still be covering-up their omissions from Investors and from the Markets Globally and from the Investigative Authorities such as the Australian Federal Police is for them to  each now share their responsibilities for their involvements in committing or in covering-up any such indictable crimes of their cartel participants as are our past and or as are our present Constitutionally duly sworn-in officers of the Commonwealth and by their underling officers of the Commonwealth implicated, including each of their past and present agents and servants.

Reports that:
NBN document leak: AFP searching Parliament House to access Labor
                                    staffer email servers
Published on Tuesday: 24 August 2016

The Australian Federal Police:

The Australian Federal Police have arrived at Parliament House to search the Department of Parliamentary Services over leaked documents from the NBN.

The AFP searched the Melbourne offices of Labor Senator Stephen Conroy and the home of a Labor staffer over the leaks in May.

Labor claimed parliamentary privilege on the documents seized during those searches, a term which under AFP guidelines applies to any document or other thing which falls within the concept of "proceedings of parliament".

Labor says this morning's search — to be undertaken with the permission of the Parliament — was being undertaken to access to the email servers of Labor staffers.

Senator Conroy told the ABC the information gained by the AFP in the previous raids was in the safe of the parliamentary clerk of the Senate, "subject of a vote in Parliament as to whether or not that information will be made available to the police".

He said the ability of politicians to protect whistleblowers was at stake and has called on the Turnbull Government to step in.

"Parliamentary privilege is a law of Australia and the federal police are fully aware that I have claimed parliamentary privilege over all of the correspondence between myself, staff [and] staff of other shadow minsters in the course of our duties," he said.

"What we are seeing here is an attempt to intimidate people to not actually do their parliamentary privilege … This is an absolute abuse of the process."

Government defends NBN for calling police:
Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has criticised Senator Conroy over this remarks, telling the ABC it was "extraordinary" that he would try to intervene in the investigation.

"There were allegedly documents, that were commercial in confidence, that had been stolen from NBN," he said.

"NBN is perfectly within its rights to call the federal police to investigate this matter... It's not for members of Parliament to determine what the jurisdiction of the Australian Federal Police is."

Senator Fifield also dismissed Senator Conroy's comments regarding whistleblowers, saying whistleblowers leak information in relation to "issues of safety, malfeasance, financial misadministration".

In April, the Senate Standing Committees on Economics published a paper stating that a whistleblower "is commonly understood to be a person with insider information of misconduct who makes a decision to report or disclose that information".

"They are different to a customer, members of the public, or others who have evidence of
and report organisational misconduct," it continued.

Senator, staff, media named in warrant:

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull rejected any suggestion of Government interference when the May raids were carried out, saying the organisation operated "entirely independently of the Government".

At the time, AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin said the matter was referred to his agency in December 2015 by NBN Co, not the Federal Government.

The ABC has seen a warrant relating to the earlier raids, which suggests police are casting a wide net in their investigation.

It names Senator Conroy, staffers, technology bloggers, and four major media organisations including the ABC.

It required the people subject to the warrant to hand over all documents relating to those people and organisations.

But, according to AFP guidelines, documents claimed under parliamentary privilege are not taken by the police but instead sealed in a bag to be considered by the Senate as to whether privilege does indeed apply.

Still the AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE in 2016 have not

yet bothered to investigate and or to yet prosecute the

cartel members over the herein in good faith EXPOSED

Commonwealth Telstra 1, 2 and 3, Insider Trading and 

Market Manipulation Frauds

                                               BUT :

The Australian Federal Police are currently acting on NBN   

Co Complaints, when the current Head of the NBN is  Ziggy

Switkowski a former CEO and Director of Telstra who said

himself that this Public Debt will be paid when meeting

with Ivory and with Senator Harris present by video link

back on the 11.07.03 as did Robert Mansfield the then

Chairman of Telstra, both were thereby acting as official 

politically appointed officers of the Commonwealth.


Commonwealth of Australia Budget Surplus

The amount by which a government's, income exceeds its spending over a particular period of time.

Generally, a government does not need to maintain a budget surplus, but they must not conceal and omit to disclose Public Debts Owing to falsely reflect a totally dishonest and a substantially lower Public Debt than is actually owing so as to deceptively and fraudulently try and fudge (to cook) the books of the Commonwealth of Australia to show a possibility of a surplus, without in reality having reached any factual surplice in sight, by concealing public debts simply increases the public debt and reduces the ability to actual and or to factually reach any factual surplice.

That scam being engaged in current as in the past is to falsely over inflate the viability of the Commonwealth of Australia to mislead and deceive Credit Rating Agencies Globally and to in fact keep defrauding Creditors of the Commonwealth such as Ivory. 

However, the purported AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT has to be very careful about running a budget deficit by disclosing a much smaller deficit ( perhaps by running two (2) different sets of books) to make-out it owes much less than it does by perhaps criminally, unconscionably and dishonestly omitting to disclose Major Liabilities Owing by knowingly and unconstitutionally omitting to disclose the SUM CERTAIN AMOUNT of Public Debts Owing to Ivory.

Thereby the purported AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT by concealing and omitting to disclose the Commonwealth of Australia's fully undiscolsed and still fully outstanding and still rapidly accruing Public Debt owing to Ivory, which is in real life totally criminal misconduct being committed frauduently by our Executive Cabinet Members is it not?

Such misconduct by the purported AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT must if therefore correct surely must be engaged-in so as to dishonestly and fraudulently try to make sure that they have the necessary means of financing the constitutionally owing full deficit of the Commonwealth of Australia, but involved Executive Government Cabinet Members and their hand-picked Governor-Generals must not commit such fraud and wrongdoings when dishonestly and unconscionably concealing and omitting to disclose this Contingent liability owing to Ivory.

If they have or if they not only an independent forensic inquiry and full investigations will reveal the fulkl extent that they are each implicated in such misconduct of falsely acting as officers of the Commonwealth and or as Eecutive Cabinet Members of the Commonwealth of Australia in total breach of their combined duty owing to we the people by having each of them put under oath to explain to we the people why they have inhumaley acted contrary to law to ensure that they have not and do not cause too much of an interest burden on Tax Payers, like they have politically engaged in past and present dishonest cooking of the books of the Commonwealth of Australia, as it does seem has occured to-date based on these serious potential accounting frauds of the past purported 'AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT'S' aided and abetted by their past purported Governor-General's who were and thereby still are criminally implicate, in covering up for past consecutive governments of the day since 1993 to 2016 thus far.

In general, economists become very worried and rightly so when government's conceal public debt owing by the Commonwealth of Australia, because it may effect the most common way of financing a government deficit created in the name of the Commonwealth of Australia, as interest rates could now rise sharply as a proportion of Gross Domestic Product, seeing that the true GDP is flawed based on these facts.


So why have our revolving various Political Parties Cabinet-Members as Elected and as our Trusted Officers of the Commonwealth of Australia continued since mid May 1994 to keep allowing Public Funds to be paid to a competing and conflicting loyalty law firm partnership for its perjuring dual income MSJ partner to set-in-train to keep having Ivory defrauded for that MSJ partnership to be able to keep profiting from the procees of their dishonest MSJ crimes and crimninality for over two (2) decades?

That Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partnership and its Partners kept unlawfully profiting from their pre-meditated criminal intents to defraud and destroy Kenneth-Clyde Ivory's life and business.

Through no fault of his own in 1993 Ivory became a Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom-Telstra "CoT" Victim, according to the Commonwealth's own internal public records. 

Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and his successful Solar-Mesh(R) Sun Control Device various reliant business' had reached successful fruition with Ivory's market established & proven inventions.

Ivory had successfully registered his latest inventions with Patent Protections for his Solar-Mesh (R) business' in Ninety Three ("93") Peace Treaty Countries since the 24 February 1994.

But at that point in time back in 1994 Ivory's by then already very succesful Solar-Mesh(R) business had been market trading nationally and internationally from 1983 forward.

Ivory had previously established, built and then sold off other various fields of also very succesful businesses since 1974 when he first went into business to start working for himself. 

Ivory prior to 1974 had already became a qualified Fitter & Turner and was a Tool Maker!


              PATENTED RIGHTS

Ivory succesfully applied and had for his latter INVENTIONS Patent Protection locked-in within 93 Peace Treaty Countries, from February 1994, but generously and  only approved to have independently quantified for a small number of about six (6) or eight (8) Countries out of those 93 Countries Patent protected rights.

What Is A Patent:

A Patent is a limited legal monopoly granted to an individual or firm to make, use, and sell its invention, and to exclude others from doing so. An invention is patentable if it is novel, useful, and non-obvious. To receive a patent, a patent application must disclose all details of the invention so that others can use it to further advance the technology with new inventions. Patentable items fall under four classes:
(1) Machine: apparatus or device with interrelated parts

    that work together to perform the invention's
    designed or intended functions,
(2) Manufacture: all manufactured or fabricated items,
(3) Process: chemical, mechanical, electrical or other

     process that produces a chemical or physical change
     in the condition or character of an item, and
(4) Composition of matter: chemical compounds or

     mixtures having properties different from their
     constituent ingredients.
In most of the world, patents are granted on the 'first to apply' basis, with a protection period of 7 years (India) to 20 years (Australia - European Union).

In the US, they are granted for 17 years on the 'first to invent' basis. Responsibility of identifying, locating, and suing the patent violators, however, rests solely with the patent holder; patent law provides only means of prosecution and determination of just compensation.

      Since 1993           
We at Cabinet-Stacked are not just Commonwealth Telstra 1, 2 & 3 share float public disclosure prospectus wilfully omitted and still undisclosed Creditors. 

But in 2016 we were and still are being predatory boycotted by revolving corrupt and by strategically dishonest LAWYERS masquarding as Hon. Cabinet-Members of the Commonwealth of Australia, so we are still fully concealed and totally omitted from being disclosed to the MARKETS and to INVESTORS to conceal that we are still undisclosed and fully outstanding 1800 prefix systemic fault Commonwealth Casualties of Telecom-Telstra "CoT" Victims who are in 2016 still outstanding and omitted fully undisclosed Creditors of the Commonwealth of Australia. 

We at Cabinet-Stacked are also Victims of unconsitutional and typically dishonest lawyer STACKED Cabinet-Members who criminally STACKED ASIC and who had lawyer STACKED Ministerial Departments to conceal the truth to defraud INVESTORS and to mislead and deceive the MARKETS.

Why did Cabinet-Members strategically & dishonestly stack & rig the running of the ASX Ltd, ASIC & the ACCC in preparation for their still invalid from day one of their 2006 purported Telstra 3 Share Float Sale?

The Communications Minister the purportedly Hon. Senator Helen Coonan's own husband Mr. Andrew Rogers a former N.S.W. Judge was also a consultant to ASIC in addidtion to Tony D'Aloisio being politically STACKED so as to dishonestly misrun the Australian Investment and Securities Commission "ASIC" from before the close-off of the Commonwealth's Telstra 3 share float to thereby corruptly conceal the Creditor's encumberances had been officially and irrevocably accepted as being placed and recorded over the Telstra 3 shares being offered.

Hence the Telstra 3 shares were unlawfully dumped and converted by wilfully omitting to disclose those financial encumberances by way of strategicly dishonest and totally unconsitutional political insider trading and market manipulation frauds.

The Howard Coalition Government's Cabinet-Member Telstra 3 Share Float conduct engaged is still egregious conduct.

Mistakenly We initially trusted our revolving Cabinet-Members in 1994 but ever since our revolving Cabinet-Members have failed to act to protect Ivory and his Solar-Mesh(R) Businesses in the face of the unconsionably dishonest CoT-Creditor preditory CoT debt avoidance Telstra lawyers as officers of the Commnwealth engaged in and strategically created CoT Victim ongoing Mishandling-Tactics which were being dishonestly committed by them and via their retainer bribed MSJ Partner's, which MSJ Partner's engaged in corupt and egregious strategically committed frauds and gross misconduct perpatrated by that same Public Funded Law Firm's own very dishonest and corrupt MSJ Partner's acting from insid Telstra and Insider Ministerial Offices to predatory sabotage and boycott CoT victims - Creditor at any cost to avoid paying CoT's in restitution of Property.

Which Public Funded Retainer Bribed MSJ Partner's have profited from the proceeds of their dishonest CoT mishandling crimes committed to in exchange provide special favours of fully committing whatever crimes it would take them until they fully destroyed the Ivory families lives and businesses. 

Which MSJ law firm partners crimes are implicated in the premature deaths of two (2) key witnesses of Ivory within the State of Queensland in the same Brisbane Hospital.       The dead can not testify!

No wounder in 2012 Mallesons Stephen Jaques "MSJ" partnership changed their name to KING & WOOD MALLESONS "KWM".

But in 2016 we at Cabinet-Stacked do in good faith remain committed to herein keep exposing to the Voting Public how our Past and Present 2016 Cabinet-Members are involved in ongoing unconscionable and discriminative Cabinet-Members failures to yet make any Telstra Float Full and Proper Financial Liability Public Disclosures.

Cabinet-Members chose to intentionally and dishonestly fully omit to disclose this CoT VICTIM'S matters outstanding CoT Liability in offence of their obligations to disclose it as Cabinet-Members are by law required to do in their 2006 Telstra 3 Share Float Prospectus. That is why its unsigned! 

Ex-MSJ Lawyer Treasurer Peter Costello MP corruptly RIGGED & STACKED ASIC with Tony D'Alosio the former managing partner of MSJ for Cabinet-Members to be able to avoide and NOT comply with their ASIC full financial disclosure requirements.

Tony Dialisio was not just a MSJ managing Partner he was also a Director of Ivory's Multi-National Competitors which competitors were involved in making frivilous and vexatious bogus and strategic attempted but on their part failed Patent Sealing Objections; which bogus objections were being falsely made; when Ivory's 1800 prefix systemic fault occurred in 1993/94 via Telstra and then in December 1996 MEAD a MSJ Partner via his Telstra competing and conflicting loyalty dual income Hat was conspiring with those Multi-Nataional Competitors and with theirPatent Attorney Cohorts.

The past and present revolving Commonwealth Governments implicated various Political Party's are still dishonestly engaging in their own political party selfserving tactics of distain towards Ivory.

Which political tactics have  resulted in egregious systemic and deliberate political insider trading and in dishonest market manipulation frauds by Cabinet-Members.

Which Cabinet-Member Frauds do perhaps amount to what is shaping-up to become perhaps much bigger insider trading and market manipulation frauds and scandals.

Which Cabinet-Member 1997, 1999 and 2006 Share Frauds & Scandals may end up dwarfing America’s (2001) ENRON Scandal where its shareholders lost $74 billion and Arthur Anderson Enron's director retained Large Independnt Accountancy Firm was found guilty of fudging Enron’s accounts.

Plus the (2002) WORLDCOM Scandal where directors inflated assets by as much as $11 billion.

Plus the (2002) TYCO Scandal where the Tyco CEO & CFO stole $150 million and inflated company income by $500 million.

For those scandal references please see:  

The Telstra 1, 2 and 3 Share Float Frauds in good faith as herein exposed arose from 1997 to 2006. 

Which were the years when the then Howard Coalition Government's Liberal Party of Australia Members and The National Party of Australia Members did collectively as trusted Elected Officers of the Commonwealth and some as trusted Cabinet-Members did dishonestly and did fraudulently engage in crimes by unlawfully omitting to disclose any of their Australia-Wide 008 Prefix to 1800 Prefix Change-over Systemic Faults outstanding CoT Liabilities by omitting to disclose 1800 Prefix CoT Liabilites owing by failing to disclose the outstanding CoT Liabilities to the Investor & to the Markets nationally and internationally unlawfully omitted so as to frauduently obtain a higher share sale price for the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, 2 & 3 Shares dumped by insider trading and market manipulation price fixing frauds perpetrated in all three (3) invalid floats.

No 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Liability disclosures are published within any of the Commonwealth of Australia's corporatized COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA'S Telstra 1, 2 & 3 Share-Floats-Public Offer and Public Offer Disclosure false Prospectuses. 

We at Cabinet-Tactics and all other independent 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault CoT Victim's Australia-Wide were and still are fully Omitted from being disclosed in any of the Commonwealth's Telstra Float's Public Offer Disclosures made.

Ommitted resultant by our once trusted Elected and also by our Non-Elected and thereby collectively untrustworthy officers of the Commonwealth who collectively did dishonestly engage in third party predatory boycotting and in predatory industrial sabotage crimes and in other tactical criminality, frauds & wrongdoings.

Which 1800 prefix liabilities commenced to accrue in 1993 which is when Ivory first became a CoT Victim in Brisbane Queensland.

Additionally and totally seperately and independently we at Cabinet-Stacked do note that a Mr. Alan Smith from right down at Cape-Bridgwater in Victoria is in 2016 also complaining of apparently himself having additional also still fully unresolved & Telstra 3 omitted & dishonestly concealed 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Complaints.  

According to Alan Smith's own website:

Which addition 1800 Prefix Liabilities of Mr. Smith also were additionally omitted and covered-up by informed Cabinet-Members as were all Australia-Wide other 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Liabilities including  Ivory's.

However the 2016 still accruing 1800 Prefix Systemic Faults CoT Victim liabilities owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory in restitution of his Property is still being unlawfully concealed by revolving Political Parties still being covered-up by way of the Turnbull Coalition Government's 2016 Cabinet-Members.

Current Cabinet Members are dishonestly still aiding and abetting the 2006 HOWARD COALITION GOVERNMENT'S own Telstra 3

Because currently we now even have the Non-Elected 2016 current self appointed
Turnbull Coalition Government who are also engaged in dishonesty and corruptly refusing to prosecute corruptly dishonest Cabinet Members of the Howard Government or of their politically stacked ASIC & ASX officers or STEPHEN JOHN MEAD etc and thereby are politically condoning the 2006 Cabinet-Members crimes and their cohorts who were politically stacked to get away with their dishonest and deliberately fraudulent Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds during their collusive Telstra 3 debarcle and frauds.

Thereby are dishonestly protecting current Cabinet-Members their own superannuation funds, which are stored by default in the Future Fund; which funds are accruing from 2006 ill-gotten proceeds of the 2006 Cabinet-Members Telstra 3 insider trading and market manipulation fraudulent white-collar-proceeds of Political Party Crimes. 

So our past and present Cabinet Member's strategically and wilfully have dishonestly kept concealing and omitting to disclose their 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault's outstanding Liabilities from disclosure in the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, 2 & 3 Floats and in Telstra Annual Reports and in all Cabinet-Members Budget disclosures since 1993 to 2016 in present date & time.

Therefore all 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault CoT Victim Liabilities that were all dishonestly omitted rom disclsure in the Telstra 1, 2 & 3 Public Offer Disclosure Prospectuses and which are still outstanding liabilities are each thereby now fully oustanding Public Liabilities of the revolving past and present governments of the Commonwealth of Australia Elected Cabinet-Members who have each from 1997 dishonestly concealed those liabilities to corruptly misled and deceive all TELSTRA 1, 3 & 3 INVESTORS  & MARKETS Globally. 

Resultant by past and present Elected Federal Cabinet-Members of the Commonwealth of Australia still dishonestly aiding and abetting each other as they each have ensured ongoing disclosures ommisions from being disclosed to  Investors and to the Markets Globally.

Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth have strategically and are still in 2016 criminally engaged in predatory boycotting distain to cover-up that Ivory is still a fully omitted and undisclosed Commonwealth of Australia CoT Victim. 

Ivory is still a Victims of the last Twenty Two (22+) Years of Public Funded pre-planned predatory misbehaviour and false Public Funded criminally as has been dishonestly, boguly, frauduently and unlawfully perpetrated white-collar crimes committed in total Debrivation of Human and Civil Liberties by Public Funded Wrongdoings on 23 of December1996 but, as omitted crimes.

The 23 December 1996 Indictable Crimes were falsely and bogusly perpetrated by a full-time in-house Telstra Employed Non-Elected officer of the Commonwealth.

While that Telstra officer of the Commonwealth Mr. Stephen John Mead was also in-hindsight a full time Partner in the Mallesons Stephen Jaques Law Firm Partnership which MSJ Partnerships other Partner's were also directly involved in aiding and abetting MEAD'S own Telstra retainer bribed Public Funded MSJ law firms partners dishonest and bogusly false CoT mishandling criminally and dirty tricks.

The 1996 to 2003 Communication Minister as a Cabinet-Member and his strategically positioned 1996 to 2000 employed Chief-of-Staff as officers of the Commonwealth, both corruptly had prior knowledge of the 23 December 1996 frauds going to be committed and when those crimes were unlawfully perpetrated by MEAD & by MSJ.

So both Senator Richard Alston the current PRESIDENT of vthe Liberal Party of Australia in 2016 and his 1996 to 2000 dishonest Ex-MSJ Lawyer Chief-of-Staff Paul Fletcher, now Liberal Party of Australia Member Paul Fletcher MP did collaborate with MEAD & MSJ and both Alston & Fletcher had first-hand knowledge of those Public Funded Frauds.

Thereby all Elected Cabinet-Members were and still are each politically implicated by their fellow Ministerial Cabinet-Member the not so Hon. Senator Richard Alston  and his strategically positioned and selected Chief-of-Staff Paul Fletcher both misacted and both tacitly consented to MEAD engaging in dishonest Political Party Wilful-Blindness, which wrongdoing crimes were & still are criminal acts contrary to law.

Therefore in 2016 current Cabinet-Members are still aiding and abetting in dishonestly and in unlawfully wilflly concealing their predecessors malicious indictable crimes perpetrated via MEAD & his MSJ Partners in Deprivation of Human and Civil Liberties.

Perpetrated by unlawful and false misconduct which was and which still is criminality as was dishonestly committed on 23 December 1996 as a Public Debt 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Liability, restitution of Property, outstanding and fully undisclosed CoT Victim retitution of Property Public Debt avoidance tactic.

Then further crimes of physical brutality in deprivation of human and civil liberties were perpetrated in 2006 during Telstra's Annual General Meeting as seen on National T.V.

Which 2006 AGM physical assualt of Ivory was and still are indictable crimes by thugs.

Those 2006 AGM crimes of physical assault were in total deprivation of human and civil liberties and were dishonest criminal acts of wilful insider trading and market manipulation frauds strategically perpetrated by the Board of Directors of Telstra; who as officers of the Commonwealth did have that pysical and ublically verbal defamitory and false Chairman's lies stated publically as part of a poremeditated strategic crime to silence Ivory's rights and to deceive and to defraud investors by again misleading the markets.

Those wrongful 2006 AGM Crimes were dishonestly perpetrated by instructions given over the microphone by and from Telstra's Chairman, who called for security and two (2) Public Funded Thugs committed those crimes by and with authority and tacit approval by all of Telstra's Board Members and Senior Executives present at the 2006 Telstra AGM as insider trading and market manipulation crimes by misuse of authorising and instructing to have the physical assault committed to conceal the omited 1800 prefix systemic fault liabilities not disclosed in the Telstra 3 offer.

Which 2006 crimes of physical assault and battery were perpetrated in public and in total physical deprivation of human and civil liberties to wilfully prevent Ivory as a shareholder of Telstra and as a Major-Creditor from calling a Shareholder's point of order and to also hinder and obstruct Ivory from  serving a 'Statutory Demand' to wind Telstra-up for its 'Insolvent Trading'.

Thereby the Telstra Board during the 2006 Telstra AGM silently each aided and abetted in the pysical and verbal assuslts and defimation so as to dishonestly and unlawfully keep-on getting away with concealing and omitting to disclose the Commonwealth's Agency Telstra's outstanding 1800 Prefix Nation Wide Systemic Fault liabilities.

Which 1800 prefix liabilities owing network-wide and to Ivory remained concealed by the Telstra Board as officers of the Commonwealth having hired and paid two (2) to be present in a premeditated tactic to be able to commit the physical assault.

Those 2006 AGM Crimes of Assault were physically inflicted to conceal Telstra's 1800 prefix CoT Liabilities from being disclosed in the Commonwealth's Telstra 3 Prospectus.

The Telstra 3 Purported Prospectus still is  invalidly unsigned off & has NO SELLERS AUTHORIZATION PAGE published within it.

Thereby the Telstra 3 purported Prospectus was dishonestly and INVALIDLY lodged with the ASX by a 2005 forging Ex-MSJ Partner.

Which Telstra 3 Purported Prospectus was INVALIDLY Released to the Markets Globally on the 09 October 2006 in a false, misleading and deceptive manner; and it is still in the Market Place in an INVALID state despite the Australian Securities and Investment Commission ("ASIC") the MSJ and Freehills lawyer STACKED ASIC officers to act as a purported regulator despite ASIC'S own requirements for and to make ongoing disclosure obligations.

Notwithstanding, we have a legal obligation to expose their crimes as we have been doing, but ultimately at Cabinet-Tactics We do simply required for Kenneth-Clyde Ivory to in good faith be paid the restitution of Property of what is only owing as independently loss assessed sum certain principal sum owing plus all accruing interest plus all still accruing Telstra 3 Dividends which collectively are still fully owing in restitution of Ivory's Property.

The Commonwealth of Australia by having dysfunctional revolving and less than honourable Cabinet-Members are acting in treasonous contempt of Her Majesty's powers invested in Her Court of Jurisdiction.

So Telstra 3 Shares Dividend Liabilities as Assigned to  Kenneth-Clyde Ivory on the 4 September 2006 as were jurisdictionally independently verified and certified on 7 September 2006 after a 72 hour cooling off period had expired is still accruing to Ivory.

The FUTURE FUND are in 2016 dishonestly omitting to disclose the still accruing CoT liability's of the Telstra 3 Float as a liability owing to Ivory.   By the Future Fund Chairman being Peter Howard Costello the Future Fund architect and April 2006 founder when Treasurer as another Ex-MSJ 
Lawyer misacting with gross and criminally corrupt conflicting and competing loyalties.

As at the 31 March 2016 the FUTURE FUND are now disclosing that it has A$117.4 billion in its control.

However, in Late April 2006 the FUTURE FUND was established and from the Telstra 3 Share Float latter in 2006 the FUTURE FUND was invalidly FUNDED with A$60.5 billion at the time of Telstra 3 conversion and transfer. 

But that A$60.5 billion transferred to the FUTURE FUND were and are still proceeds of Commonwealth's Telstra 3 Share Float Crimes.

Which Telstra 3 FUTURE FUND Crimes were perpetrated by the Treasurer Peter Howard Costello MP another EX-MSJ Lawyer before politics, who is current in 2016 the Chairman of the FUTURE FUND.

The FUTURE FUND was by default and with criminal intent by sleight of hand was politically established by Cabinet Members at the end of April 2006, due to and after the 09 March 2006 Lien was officially place over the Telstra 3 Shares and which 2005 bill of exchange better Security Lien was and still is irevocably and officially placed over and was and is officially recorded by jurisdictional seal fully in Kenneth-Clyde Ivory's favour as is placed fully over the unlawfully converted Telstra 3 Shares and is now over the encumbered Telstra 3 share converts and converted legal tender funds being unlawfully stored in the Future Fund.  

Which Telstra 3 Float undisclosed and dishonestly omitted 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault CoT Victim liability, is thereby and is therefore now fully the Commonwealth of Australia liability owing to  Ivory in restitution of his Property as a CoT Victim.

In late 2004 the CoT Debt owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory for his and his Solar-Mesh(R) Businesses independently loss assessed and fully quantified restitution of Ivory's Property was and is fuly independently, professionally loss assessed and is fully independently quantified and in 2005 was independently found and agreed to be fully owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory. 

Which February 2005 bill of exchange's quantified principal sum certain amount is  still accruing interest daily, plus the 4 September 2006 duly assigned and still in 2016 monthly accruing dividend payments which are collectively still fully owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as a omitted but still fully outstanding 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Liability CoT Victim of the Commonwealth. 

So Ivory is waiting for the Commonwealth of Australia to actually have an honourable, honest, and or a maturely ethical Prime Minister to be Elected or to be rotated to take control of the corruption coming out of its Department of Finance Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Officers.

Why did our trusted Elected Cabinet-Members strategically act as 'Shadow Directors' of Telstra and of the ASX Ltd and of ASIC by having strategically stacked their boards with more competing and conflicting loyalty MSJ People to be able to do so?  

Which purported Watch-Dogs as implied are meant to act as independent regulators, are they not? But were stacked!

After the 1999 Telstra 2 Share Float as purportedly 'independent organisations' the ASX Ltd & ASIC were & are Politically Strategically STACKED & RIGGED

They were STACKED & RIGGED ready for the Commonwealth's Telstra 3 Share Float.

So as to be able to conceal & cover-up Cabinet-Members & their Telstra Board's unlawful & INVALID from day one purported Telstra 3 Share Float political, corporate, legal advisory & financial advisors collective & strategic INSIDER TRADING AND MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS.

Which Cabinet Members, Telstra Board & ASIC officers of the Commonwealth and MSJ Partnership, and Freehills Partnership cover-ups, and ASX Ltd combined did collectively conceal from the MARKETS how they had collectively rigged the ASX Ltd and ASIC to conceal how they had falsely over inflated share sale prices by omissions which proceeds of those crimes were obtained via and by the Commonwealth's tactical FUTURE FUND.

Their collective crimes were wrongfully and tactically committed by dishonest and unlawful crimes to keep wilfully concealing and omitting to disclose to the MARKETS & INVESTORS that Kenneth-Clyde Ivory had in 2006 not and still has not in 2016 yet been paid in restitution of his Property as a politically omitted 1800 Prefix CoT Victim. 

Despite Ivory was in 2006 and still is in 2016 a fully outstanding CoT Victim and which omitted Public Debt is now fully owed by and from the Commonwealth of Australia by Reserve Bank of Australia Public Debt Payment Cheques.

Resultant by Cabinet-Members having Politically STACKED the TELSTRA Board ASX Ltd, ASIC and by its Cabinet-Members thereby strategically corrupt misrunning of also its stacked Reserve Bank of Australia ("RBA") Board of Directors from the Governor of the RBA downwards.

Historical Records Do PROVE
That at least Eight (8) Other Casualties of Telecom - Telstra ("CoT") Victims and CoT Related Victims were each paid in restitution of their Property's from and out of Commonwealth Public Funds in 1999 to 2003.  

But those Eight (8) 1999 to 2003 paid-out CoT and CoT related Victims were politically National Party Aligned!

How could internal ASIC Criminality Be Decreased by the TURNBULL
Cabinet-Member's increasing ASIC funding?

Given that back in 2006 Ex-MSJ & Ex-Freehills Lawyers were politically & strategically positioned so as to stack & rig the administration of the Stock Markets via the Cabinet Members as Liberal Party of Australia Members did misuse their political positions to strategically and dishonestly stack and rig the misrunning of the ASX Ltd & also to stack & rig the misadministration of ASIC.

Moreover in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's own published material it states:


  * Please note that this product is not
     regulated under the Corporations
     Act 2001.
                           End of Quote.

That quote above means that ASIC has no-powers over the BANKS in relation to Security Investments - Bank Bills in relation to the Commonwealth Bank Global Markets.

That will just pay for more of ASIC Legal profession mates, it will not reduce ANY ASIC internal CRIME.

Public Debt Payment AVOIDANCE is NOT Savings, it increases This Public Debt!

 Why STACK the
ASX Limited?

With David Hoare and also with Tony D'Aloisio after the Telstra 1 & 2 Share Floats but strategically before the Commonwealth's own purported Telstra 3 Share Float?

         Why then Stack ASIC ?
During the purported Telstra 3 Float with Tony D'Aloisio as was done by the not so Hon. Treasurer Peter Costello MP an Ex-MSJ Lawyer himself before politics.

Why was it and who was it that strategically Stacked Telstra with a Company Secretary  who was a MSJ partner while Telstra was still a majority owned Commonwealth Agency
With Douglas Gration after the Telstra 2 Share Float but before the T3 Float launch on 09.10.06?

Why was it that the above named three (3) various key STACKED Positions were STACKED WITH
The same two (2) people who were Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partners during the Telstra 1 & 2 Share Floats?

Was it because both were MSJ Partners during the Commonwealth's Telstra 1 & 2 Share Floats

David Hoare was also the Chairman of Telstra at the same time until after the Telstra 2 Float.

Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partnership's Partners clearly knew they ("MSJ") had and still have a real lot to hide as was unlawfully omitted from being disclosed to the Telstra 3 Share Float MARKETS and from Telstra 3 deceived Investors.

If the Telstra Board and if the Elected & Non-Elected Officers of the Commonwealth had nothing to hide from the MARKETS and from INVESTORS and from all Lawful Sovereigns of the Commonwealth of Australia better known as We the People why were they strategically positioned and why did they fail to Halt the Telstra 3 Share Float?

Savings are not being made by our dishonourable and misadvised Elected and Non-Elected Officers of the Commonwealth by them unconstitutionally still avoiding to pay such OVERDUE Public Debts.

All they as Cabinet-Member's are doing is UNCONSTITUTIONALLY monthly increasing the Public Debt owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory until fully satisfied. 

Moreover Cabinet-Members are still aiding and abetting in the crimes herein exposed by Cabinet Members not having yet had the perjuring Departmental Officers of the Commonwealth charge, indicted & or sentenced yet.

Who were induced by having dishonest legal profession officers of the Courts Retainer Bribed from Public Funds for the last Twenty Two (22+) Years by revolving tacit authority given by Cabinet-Members.

Thereby revolving political party Cabinet-Members have strategically kept on dishonourably and corruptly having had Public Funded for more and more perjury to be committed by revolving dishonourable Commonwealth Cabinet-Members having engaged  in past and present WILFUL POLITICAL PARTY BLINDNESS.

Cabinet Members by elevation have rewarded the politically strategically STACKED Judicial officers.  

The Federal Magistrates Court was also corruptly STACKED in 2009.

Legal profession were retained because they had gross conflicts of interests.

Retainer Bribes were paid for lawyers  to approach and to also criminally induce Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Section Officers the Department of Finance at PARKS A.C.T.

Then Ivory's 23 September 2008 Department of Finance officers of the Commonwealth were legal profession induced to in 2009 wilfully and falsely commit bogus perjury.

Which crimes are thereby still costing Tax Payers by those who are from the Prime-Ministers downwards who have and who continue to still protect those corrupted Public Funded Criminals!
Tony D'Aloisio was strategically positioned into ASIC by Treasurer
Peter Howard Costello MP during the TELSTRA 3 illegal share float in 2006.

Tony D'Aloisio strategically and criminally did then wilfully and unlawfully conceal his Cabinet Member bosses Telstra 3 Share Float's INSIDER TRADING AND MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS.

Tony D'Aloisio was the Managing Partner of Telstra's Legal Advisory firm Mallesons Stephen Jaques acting with competing and conflicting loyalties at all material times until after the Telstra 2 Share Float for Telecom-Telstra and also during the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, 2 & 3 purported share floats.

Corruption like that has infested the running of ASIC & the ASX Ltd.

The Commonwealth of Australia and its Elected and Un-Elected officers of the Commonwealth have some protection under the Judiciary Act 1903 (Cth) but the foreign registered corporation the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA and its corporate officers who are also Cabinet-Members have no protection for criminality and or from prosecution.

The realities of facts are:

The Liberal Party of Australia and the National Party of Australia and the Labor Party of Australia and any other Political Parties whose members are their individual respective Party Members, and who are also officers of the Commonwealth as respective Party Members none of them have any protection for any political party criminally engaged in as Party Politics and or engaged in as Political Party Criminality committed strategically in abuse of their Public Office as officers of the Commonwealth as all Political Parties are independently owned and operated organisations!


Why is it that not one of our revolving Prime-Ministers & Cabinet-Members as officers of the Commonwealth and all of their also Public Funded Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth have each since the o9 of October 2006 ASX Ltd lodgement STILL NOT YET been able to Publicly Answer these two (2) serious herein open question?

Click on the left side photo's 'arrow' near his mouth to be able to listen and see video's of other Countries Frauds.

The alarming serious indictable FACTS in Australia are that:

Cabinet-Members did dishonestly pass and did allow for their purported Telstra 3 Share Float's purported offer document disclosure Prospectus to be issued to the markets and lodged in a fully INVALID state from day-one of the 09 October 2006 Telstra 3 bogus lodgement date.

And Cabinet Members knew their Telstra 3 invalid unsigned off purported disclosure prospectus was and is false from before and after it was strategically, dishonestly and is materially falsely from before it via Gration (An Ex-MSJ Telstra 1 & 2 MSJ Partner) when it was lodged to the ASX in an invalid & unlawful state on the 09 October 2006.

The Telstra 1 & 2 Public Disclosure Prospectuses as published does only have the Telstra Chairman & Minister's 'Dear Customer letters signed', and

Both purported Telstra 1 & 2 prospectus' were published with a duly signed-off SELLERS AUTHORIZATION PAGE officially and duly signed off by all Telstra Board Members and also co-signed off by the Finance Ministers of the day.

But in the Commonwealth's 09 October 2006 ASX lodged purported Telstra 3 Prospectus other than for the standard Chairman & Finance Minister 'Dear Customer letters' they strategically failed to PUBLISH any duly signed off SELLERS AUTHORIZATION PAGE thereby the disclosure and financial liability omissions not disclosed were never authorized for the Telstra 3 Float to precede VALIDLY. 

Nothing committed by an Governments of the Commonwealth of Australia happens by accident they are premeditated happenings that are well planned and well perpetrated happenings. 

Nothing committed by any Political Parties of Australia happens by accident they are premeditated happenings that are well planned and well perpetrated happenings.

If they commit any frauds they are each criminals liable whether Elected Prime Ministers or Cabinet Members or just ordinary Senators or Members of Parliament.

Thereby on the 29 February 2016 action was taken to rescind the entire Telstra 3 Share Float and its prospectus. 

See:  www.cabinettactics.com  to read the  Telstra-3 Share-Float's Creditor's Rescindment Certificates' Official Process taken in good faith and as is Officially Jurisdictional Sealed.

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  7. Our Countries assets have been plundered by Cabinet Members for their own retirement financial benefits!
    Plundered by conflicts of interests and by competing and conflicting loyalties and by scandalous political insider trading and market manipulation frauds to defraud We the People! "

Happy Voters - Royal Commission

This omitted and conceal CoT Victim's matters and Cabinet-Members failures to disclose any 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Liabilities that needed fixing NETWORK-WIDE that is they knew needed fixing Australia-Wide not just on a subscriber fault complaint basis is the strongest argument which now requires a ROYAL COMMISSION INQUIRY into the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, 2 and 3 Share Floats and into the STACKING & RIGGING of the ASX Ltd and of ASIC, the ACCC and now the Commonwealth Ombudsman Office as well as the Judiciary Stacking frauds.

We the People of the Commonwealth of Australia deserve to hear the truth unfold about the declining state of our Countries Finances and about the above mentioned share float crimes to prop-up not the public's finances of the Common-Wealth but perpetrated to prop-up the FUTURE FUND to be able to fund our Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth's own superannuation excesses at the expense of We the People they have defrauded for their own financial gains.

Other countries call that Political Corruption do they not?