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Cabinet-Member Corruption?

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Are our Cabinet-Members Standards in Decline or are their Standards in Freefall? 

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    Misprision of a Felony is Criminal Law! - Misprision of a Felony is NOT a Civil Law!

Our 2016 Cabinet-Members have this knowledge herein already, so they are guilty of engaging in aiding and abetting in politically concealing the Felon of Misprision by our past and present CABINET MEMBERS wilfully having not yet had their past or their present Commonwealth Attorney-General as the Commonwealth's Highest Law Officer to yet prosecute their predecessors Public Funded Mallesons Stephen Jaques "MSJ" Law Firm dishonest Partner's who are 'Mates' of theirs; but who are the Felon Perpetrators.

Yes Cabinet-Members are aiding and abetting in protecting criminals who are felons just becuse the felons are Criminals who are their Public Funded Lawyer Mates!

A serious case of DO NOT do as they politically DO but just DO as they Politically tell We the People to do!  = Criminality!

In the herein Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom - Telstra CoT Victim matters of predatory CoT mishandling felons having been falsely and strategically perpetrated since the false and wrongful imprisionment was boguslly and criminally committed by a materially false Complaint being maliciously sworn before a State of Queensland Magistrate W. J. Smith to procure the issuing of an INVALID FROM DAY-ONE IF ISSUE on and since at least the 23 December 1996.

Which INVALID APREHENSION WARRANT was procured by a perjuring dishonesty of an in-house Telstra Lawyer STEPHEN JOHN MEAD in offence of Section 3ZT of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) who maliciously misuse and abused his powers as an officer of the Commonwealth, while concealing MEAD was at the same time also a secret partner in the Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partnership "MSJ".

Which false and unlawful felon was committed on the 23 December 1996 right at Christmas Time. 

That felon was falsely, unlawfully, maliciously, dishonestly and wrongfully perpetrated and was unlawfully inflicted against and in Deprivation of the Human Body of & to set-out to dishonestly destroy & injure the Business Reputation of Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.

That 1996 Felon was perpetrated as a premidated tactical CoT mishanding crime committed in Total Deprivation of Ivory's Human and Civil Liberties contrary to law and strategically committed dishonestly. 

That maliciously felon was committed in total abuse of legal process for ulterior motives of public debt payment avoidance tactics and for third party preditory boycotting and industrial sabotage and industrial boycotting.

Those predatory boycotting Crimes were and still are Felons which were preditory perpetrated by STEPHEN JOHN MEAD aided and abetted by his undisclosed secret MSJ law firm partnerships and by Mead's partner.

Which Crime was premeditated and was collaborated as a strategic Commonwealth Public Debt restitution of Property Public Debt Payment Avoidance Tactical Crime. 

That felon was also a further strategic and tactical in abuse of powers and in abuse of combined positions and was a premeditated crime of Predatory Boycotting and Industrial Sabotage Criminally as a false and Criminally Committed Felon. Punishable by imprisionment,

But we still do not yet have any independent Atttorney-General to do his/her job of indicting STEPHEN JOHN MEAD & MEAD'S felon aiding & abetting MSJ Partner the very dishonest JUSTIN ANTHONY MCDONNELL!

Once notice was given to CABINET-MEMBERS by Ivory of those above outlined Crimes and EACH NOTICED as Commonwealth of Australia officers of the Commonwealth, have each thereby been previously NOTICED to all revolving Cabinet Members and to EACH NOTICED Attorney-General, AND TO EACH NOTICED Justice Minister, and TO EACH NOTICED Commonwealth Ombudsman and to EACH NOTICED Governor-General and as NOTICED to EACH REVOLVING PRIME MINISTER of EACH Governments of the day and EACH have CRIMINALLY FAILED to take the necessary action against the PERPATRATORS.

Thereby they have EACH politically engaged dishonestly and crimnally in aiding and abetting by MISPRISION to keep concealing that 23 December 1996 CRIMES perpetrates by EACH aiding and abetting to keep concealing those and all subsequent NOTICED indictable Crimes or Felons, which Felons are in themselves White-Collar-Crimes on the Part of each Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth, evidencing an ingrained and systemically corrupt culture running rampant with the Commonwealth Parliament House and Agencies alike.

You EACH politically had a choice over the YEARS to Reveal or Conceal!

BUT You EACH failed your political duties owing to the people by choosing to Conceal and NOT to Reveal!

The Crime of not revealing a Felon is Misprision and which is an indictable Crime with penalties of imprisionment under CRIMINAL LAW not under Civil Law!

As there are two (2) types of criminals and two (2) types of crimes within the Commonwealth of Australia:

                    * One (1) is the perpetrators who committed the Felon-Crime.

                    * Two (2) is those in authority who have been noticed of the Felon-Crime; but
                      who failed to take the necessary action and instead fobbed off the victim,
                      informant and witness who had officially noticed each of them law makers; and
                      who as revolving government officers after revolving government officers thereby
                      criminally and dishonestly are aiding and abetting in wilfully concealing and not revealing
                      have thereby they are corruptly aided and abetted themselves by strategically having
                      participated in perpetrating more and more cover-up crimes by them choosing to keep
                     aiding and abetting in concealing and not revealing those 23 December 1996
                     maliciously perpetrated crimes; instead of revealing, dealing with, charging and sentencing the
                     perpatrators so as to remedy but who instead get pathetically corrupt advisers to misadvise
                     so as to strategically chose for their own self-serving insidiously corrupt political party benefits
                     to conceal and not reveal how politically their predisessors have misused their positions to
                     simply ignore  Ivory's rights as a Creditor and to thereby politically chose to keep covering-up
                     for and to unlawfully and criminally keep protecting the perpetrating criminal STEPHEN JOHN MEAD
                     so as to prevent MEAD and his MSJ PARTNERS & TELSTRA COHORTS from each being charged,
                     indicted, sentenced and imprisoned in offence of the laws our law makers have made but do not
                     comply with themselves.   So they are sending out messages do as we say not as we do!

Why you may be thinking, it is simply because MEAD was at the time on the 23 December 1996 maliciously and falsely misacting strategically and in a premeditated manner with a premeditated criminal intent as a dual income competing and conflicting loyalty and as a very dishonest and a totally corrupt officer of the Commonwealth; and

                           * by failure to invest more in using FRAUD AUTHORITIES & at the same time MEAD was also a kept
                             secret partner in the Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partnership, now known since 2012 as
                             KING & WOOD MALLESONS "KWM".

No wonder the name change from MSJ of a different brand name to KWM, but the same ongoing legal profession public funded corruption on corruption keeps being approved by Cabinet Members year-in year-out, year after year since at least the 15 May 1994 in this CoT Matter which commenced in 1993 almost 23 Years ago = Political Crimes!

STEPHEN JOHN MEAD as a Telstra officer of the Commonwealth and also as a MSJ Partner did and had also dishonestly and strategically misled and deceived the Senate Estimates Committee Members on the 24 June 1997 who were investigating into CoT and CoT related matters and into Telstra (hereby materially false) Annual Report.

Thereby MEAD, TELSTRA'S BOARD VIA MEAD and the MSJ PARNERS via MEAD all did collectively falsely and dishonestly intentionally mislead and deceive the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia as a form of MSJ partnership involvement in Telstra 1, 2 and 3 Share Float Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds.

MEAD and the MSJ Partnership KWM Partnership have ever since been by revolving and by present 2016 CABINET MEMBERS politically and judicially protected; which crimes of aiding and abetting are more and more ongoing Corrupt Felons of more political predatory and discriminatory boycotting by way of more political and Cabinet White-Collar Criminality.

Despite the fact that: the 1997 Commonwealth Telstra 1 Public Offer Document Disclosure Prospectus false states that there were only Five (5) outstanding CoT Victims with a combined total outstanding liability of only $27.7 Million owing between those Five CoT Victims; and those Five CoT Victims were each individually paid in restitution of their Property from Commonwealth Public Funds in 1999; so as to be able to allow the Commonwealth Telstra 2 Share Float to proceed latter in 1999.  

But at least an addition: three (3) Telstra 1, still never DISCLOSED and thereby three (3) UNDISCLOSED additional CoT or CoT related Victims were also paid-out in restitution of each of their Property between 1999 to 2003.
Bills of Exchange - Notary Publics - Public Notary - Functions:

Notarial Protests are a necessary concomitant of the probative force and authenticity given to notarial acts, civil law systems typically grant them executory force as well. Where a notarial act records an agreement or obligation, the act itself is enforceable in the same manner as if it were a judgement of the court.
Consequently, within their Court of Faculties jurisdictions, the civil law notaries (sometimes known as 'latin' notaries) are seen and indeed see themselves, as an absolutely indispensable component of the legal profession.

Notaries tend to be highly visible and well regarded professionals at the apex of their respective national legal systems, who usually enjoy state sanctioned monopolies in their areas of expertise and generally find themselves at the upper end of the income scale.
The secretary of The Notaries’ Society of England, Mr. A.G. (Tony) Dunford, has provided a useful alternative to the definition in Brooke, by defining a notarial act as being 'a record of some activity which is intended and or required to have some evidential status, or some legal or administrative force or effect or some commercial effect'. A.G. Dunford, The General Notary, (The Notaries Society, England, 1999) p.4.
Re: Worth watching is the very well presented video as per below link:
But in response We at Cabinet-Stacked do THEREBY herein State, then:
If Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors are now purportedly Australia Act deemed to no longer be Commonwealth Constitutional and if the Constitution is deemed worthless now and that Her Majesty's English authority is now deemed to be a foreign power to We the People of and within the Commonwealth of Australia.
Then, how come is it, that still in 2017 the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, is still responsible for still appointing all of Her Majesty’s Church of England Court of Faculties Notary Publics to hold their high office within the State of Queensland situated within the Commonwealth of Australia to provide Notarial Services for We the People and only Notaries are given jurisdiction pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth) to still hold office and to sit in the Court of Faculties as the only court of jurisdiction officers with the necessary powers and authority to as a court of jurisdiction to exclusively Note & Protest bills of exchange and promissory notes etc for and on behalf of Her Majesty, Her heirs and successors?

These facts alone do render the purported 'Australia Act' to be 'ambiguos' and thereby the purported 'Australia Act' is 'Legally Void' and is 'Invalid' in Law.
This is apart from the said bills of exchange act's section 100 rule, which is in relation to, protesting before two (2) good men; if, a Notary is not available, but as we are saying herein is about the Court of Faculties, being the sole Court of Jurisdiction pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth).
For which bill of exchange processes and tasks, the fact is that no State, and  no Territory or any Commonwealth purported Court's purported judiciary, they do NOT have any Notarial powers or authority whatsoever, thereby they can not note or protest etc any bills of exchange or promissory notes etc whatsoever as they have no authority within or pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth).

Moreover, to be a Court of Faculties Notary Public it's Head Office globally remains at Westminster in London, and to be a Notary Public you sign to be Church of England.     As 'Roman Catholics' are beholding to the Pope in the Vatican City a Foreign Authority.   So thereby by law Roman Catholic's can NOT validly hold the high, trusted and respected office of being a Notary Public, as their Notarial oath's of Allegiance is given in Allegiance to Her Majesty, Her heirs and succesors under the Church of England's faculties Head Office domain.
         The High & Trusted Office functions of a Notary Public - Notaries:

An understanding of the office of a notary is only possible from within their office's historical framework.

Notaries Public are creatures of the civil law, though they have a long been a feature of the common law world, being mentioned in the Statute of Provisos 1352

Notaries are always ecclesiastical officers, appointed from 1533 by the Master of the Faculties to the Archbishop of Canterbury, in order to substantiate evidence of human activities. This is still so in Queensland, Australia but in latter years other States and Territories have been hijacked by corporate law societies who now have their corporate chief justice involved by sleight of hand to try and do away with and to attempt to water-down the ancient but still valid powers and binding functions of notaries. But what what the corporate law societies have
over-looked is the remaining powers notaries still have under the Bills of Exchange Act of 1909 (Commonwealth).

All registrars of ecclesiastical courts in the Provinces of Canterbury and York of the Church of England must still be notaries, however, a general notary duties are primarily secular.

All nations notaries whether they know it or not; but, their notarial Court of Faculties Head Registry Office, is still at Westminster in the United Kingdom, and every time a notary duly seals a bill of exchange or a Bill's Protest etc they still are doing so Constitutionally within the Commonwealth of Australia for and on behalf of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Law Sovereign and Head of State of the Commonwealth of Australia, Her Heirs and Successors.  But some of the chief justice appointed notaries may strategically not actually know this, and may corporately and deliberately not be taught that notaries ancient powers remain valid, and do remain fuly universal, no matter who appoints them to their high public office, as opposed to the chief justices conflicting and competing hijacking due to republican treasonous agenda of their dishonestly run corporatized law societies. .

The modern commercial law grew out of the custom and usages of the merchants, the Law Merchant.

Some of these customs were written down, and became a code of international commercial customs.

In the Statute of the Staple 1352-3 this was recognised as part of the law of England, though it is unclear to what extent it was systematised in England.

Gerard de Malynes regarded Law Merchant as customary law, approved by the authority of all kingdoms, and not as law established by the sovereignty of any prince.

Like the canon law-based ecclesiastical law, it was the “law of all nations”.

The appointment of notaries passed to the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury with the passage of the Ecclesiastical Licences Act 1533-34, also known as the Peter Pence Act.

This conferred the power, formerly vested in the pope, to grant licences, dispensations and faculties upon the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury.

The notary is a civil lawyer practising generally in non-contentious matters such as bills of exchange matters etc, but does not have the same relationship with his or her clients, as does a solicitor.

The notary responsibility is to the transaction itself, rather than to the client.

The notary is at once the holder of a public office and a member of a distinct branch of the legal profession.

The notary is an officer of the law whose public office and duty it is to draw, attest or certify under his or her official seal, for use anywhere in the world, deeds and other documents including bills of exchange instruments.

There has been no attempt in the common law world to codify the precise nature of the office of notary public as has been done in continental Europe, Latin America, and other parts of the world whose legal systems are based on principles derived from Roman law. The functions of notaries may however be gleaned from a number of sources. The chief of these is custom, principally the law merchant. To a limited extent case law provides guidance, and some statutes or acts do in part deal with some specific aspects of their authority and work.

To become a notary he or she has to be a solicitor of impeccable standing for at least Ten (10) Years.

To become a Federal Court of Australia Judge he or she has only to be a solicitor for just Five (5) Years.

Duties of Notaries

The act of certifying or authenticating is called the notarial act, which may be either in a private form or in public form.  Private notarial acts are when the notary certifies or attests a private document.

The public form, which is less common, are those of bills of exchange, ship protests, notarial certificates, certificates of judgment for inland bills of exchange, protests, notices of dishonour, notices of dishonour and opportunity to cure certificates, prerogative writs of command, affidavits, statutory declarations, statutory liens, liens as better security, powers of attorney, last wills and testament, and which instruments are, generally written by the notary himself or herself and or by the notaries clerks and or by others ready for the notary to check, certify and then duly affix his or her seal of office.

By virtue of his or her office, the notary signature and seal is recognised as being evidence of that of a responsible court of faculties officer in most countries of the world.

However, the corporate common law courts will take judicial notice of the seal of a notary, but not always that the facts that he or she has certified are true, except for in the case of a bill of exchange protest.  Inland bills of exchange do not need to be protested but if successfully protested then payment must be paid as a protested bill of exchange is binding on the debtor party. No Corporate Court in Australia can validly override or validly ignore a successfully notarial protested inland or foreign bill of exchange.

Most notaries within the Commonwealth of Australia have lodged specimens of their signatures and seals with the Commonwealth of Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for Apostille Sealing and to thereby issued with a Public document number with the principal missions, so that if further consular verification of any document is required in any country then the details are already officially on public record identifiable by the DFAT Commonwealth Appostille issued and recordd Public document Number.

Depending upon the nature of the document and the place where it is to be used, the formalities of authentication will include attestation, notarial authentication, or authentication in special form, such as for ship protests. If Governmental or consular officials require further authentication.

The notary is required to keep-on-file a registry of documents, which records all notarial acts, and is often termed the protocol.  It can contain originals of instruments that he or she makes in the public form.

A notary should also have a supply of suitable tape and adhesive seals ready for affixing and for embossing his or her official notarial seal on.

The notary evidential function is to attest, certify by the execution and signature of documents. This includes receiving all acts and contracts that must or are wished to be clothed with an authentic form in the instrument before duly sealing it.

He or she authenticates the execution of documents, and issues authentic copies of documents, establishing their dates, and contents. 

He or she preserves originals or minutes of such documents which, when prepared in the style and with the seal of the notary, obtain the name of original acts.

The notary is also required to authenticate, and certify transactions relating to negotiable instruments in general.

The notary is also required to administer oaths and declarations for use in legal proceedings and, in England and Wales, to take evidence as a commissioner for foreign courts. He or she also swears affidavits.

It is the function of a notary to draw up (or note) protest and or to extend protests or other formal papers relating to occurrences on the voyages of ships, and happenings to their crews and cargo.

The notary may also make and verify and certify the making of translations from foreign languages into English and vice versa.  

The notary presents foreign bills of exchange for acceptance and payment in case of non-acceptance or non-payment. This must be done only by a notary but only if it is on a foreign bill, at the request of the holder of the bill, in order to recover the sum owed.  Inland bills of exchange in Australia can be presented by the Holder and Benificiary for acceptance and payment  in a case of non-acceptance or non-payment.  The notary may also note or certify transactions relating to negotiable instruments and other financial instruments. But within the Commonwealth of Australia it is prudent for notaries to enter, record and seal any protests for dishonour at the request of the Holder of a bill of exchange.

In addition to the principal and quasi-public functions, notaries may draw, attest, verify or certify mercantile documents, deeds, contracts and agreements and other financial documents. This includes conveyances of real and personal property, and powers of attorney, in English and in foreign languages, for use in the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and foreign countries.

The drawing of wills and other testamentary documents is part of his or her work, as may be probate business. Miscellaneous duties, which class is open ended, include certifying that a foreign official is duly qualified; and, in England and Wales, attend upon the drawing and or sealing of bonds or of promissory notes.

Importantly, the notary is recognised by private international law in a way that the other officers are not. By the law of nations, the acts of a notary have credit everywhere.

Outside the Commonwealth a notary replaces the Commissioner of Oaths. The great majority of civil law countries require documents to be authenticated by a notary public, and cannot be unilaterally abandoned by any single country.

The Commissary or Master of the Faculties is the head of the Court of Faculties, and also, as Dean of the Arches and Auditor, Judge of the Provincial Courts of Canterbury and York. The authority to appoint notaries is found in the Ecclesiastical Licences Act 1533 (25 Hen VIII c 21) (Eng), the Public Notaries Act 1801 (41 Geo III c 79) (UK), the Public Notaries Act 1833 (3 & 4 Will IV c 70) (UK),the Public Notaries Act 1843 (6 & 7 Vict c 90) (UK), and the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 (UK).

The faculty issued by the Office of the Master of the Faculties clearly sets out the responsibilities of a notary. The wording of a modern faculty appointing a notary in England and Wales, and the accompanying Oath of Allegiance and Declaration of Office are as follows:-

        *  [ ...], by Divine Providence, Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of all England and Metropolitan, by Authority
           of Parliament lawfully empowered for the Purposes herein written: To Our Beloved in Christ, [ ... ], a literate
           Person now residing at [ ... ], Health and Grace: We being willing, by reason of your merits to confer on you a
           suitable Title of Promotion, do create you a Public Notary; previous Examination and all other requisites to
           be herein observed having been had: And do out of Our Favour towards you, admit you into the number
           and Society of other Notaries, to the end that you may henceforward at [ ... ] and all other places in England
           and Wales whatsoever [clauses of limitation or exception, for instance except within the jurisdiction of the
           Incorporated Company of Scriveners of London exercise such office of Notary, hereby decreeing that full
           faith ought to be given, as well in judgement as thereout, to the Instruments to be from this time made by
           you: the Oath and Declaration hereunder written having been by Us, or our Master of the Faculties first
           required of you and by you duly taken and subscribed.

The Oath of Allegiance

       *  I, [ ... ], do swear by Almighty God, That I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to Her Majesty Queen
          Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Successors, according to Law.

The Faculty is, in ecclesiastical law, a privilege or special dispensation, granted to a person by favour and indulgence to do that which by the common law he or she could not do.

Continental notaries tended to assume more the position of a public official before whom wills were proved and probate granted and by whom official records were maintained. None of these functions applied under the common law.

One of the oldest officers of the law, the notary first developed in response to the need for reliable authentication of documents executed in one jurisdiction for use in another.

Medieval notaries public were akin to modern conveyancing solicitors.

A notarial seal is not strictly necessary, but is invariable used. If the notary is armigorous, he or she may use their own arms on the seal. Seals are usually embossed, with an intaglio of case hardened steel and a rilievo of copper. This may be used with or without a wafer.

A court will take judicial notice of Commonwealth notary seal and signature; Brooke v Brooke (1881) 17 ChD 833.

In 1961 the 9th Session of the Hague Convention on Private International Law included a convention on legalisation. This provides that for counties that are parties to the Convention, a special procedure, called the apostille, merely requires authentication by diplomatic body. As throughout the Commonwealth, and in former Commonwealth countries sharing the common law, the signature and seal of a notary proves itself, the apostille procedure is only required for foreign countries; 9th Session of the Hague Convention on Private International Law (1961) cmnd 1582.

The duty to maintain a proper record of his or her notarial acts public and private is now enshrined, in respect of notaries appointed by the master of the faculties, in the Notaries (Records) Rules 1991 (UK).

A notary is not legally required to initial every sheet of a document; Hamel v Panet (1876) 2 App Cas 121; 46 LJPC 5. They will generally bind notarial acts and their attachments securely together with ribbon or tape, the notarys wafer seal being impressed over the ends of the ribbon or tape.

The notary or his or her clerk makes a formal demand upon the drawee or acceptor for acceptance or payment, as the case may be. Upon refusal, the notary notes the bill, by writing a minute on the face of the bill with his or her initials, the date, the noting charge, and a reference to the notary register. A ticket or label is also attached to the bill, on which is written the answer given to the notary clerk who makes the presentment.

               * An example might be No orders or No effects.

Before sending out the bill, the notary makes a full copy of it in his or her register and subsequently adds the answer, if any. The noting of a dishonoured instrument may take place on the day of its dishonour. It must take place not later than the next succeeding business day. When it has been duly noted, the protest may subsequently be extended as of the date of the noting. A protest is a formal declaration by the holder of a bill of exchange, or by a notary public at his or her request, that the bill of exchange has been refused acceptance or payment, and that the holder intends to recover all the expenses to which he or she may be put in consequence thereof. In the case of a foreign bill, such a protest is essential to the right of the holder to recover from the drawer or indorser; Geralopulo v Wieler (1851) 10 CB 690; 138 ER 272.

The requirement that a notary public be a witness is believed to be a survival of the law merchant, or a concession to Continental practice, itself derived from the lex mercatoria. Armstrong v Stockham (1855) 24 LJ Ch 176; Hayward v Stephens (1867) 36 LJ Ch (NS) 135; Re Eastern United Assurance Corporation (1928) 72 SJ 353.

The laws of Australia are ecclesiastical and the supreme absolute and uncontrollable authority remains with the people. The federal parliament and the state parliament are not governing bodies, they are legislatures with limited powers, and any law which they attempt to pass in excess of those power is a no law at all, it is simply a nullity, entitled to no obedience.
Australia is bound through its constitution through the imperial laws of England, and its laws are required to be applied correctly in the administration of justice. Habeas Corpus which is still in full force in Victoria expresses: “No Freeman shall be taken, or imprisoned, or be disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any otherwise destroyed; nor will we pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful Judgement of his Peers, or by the "Law of the Land.

NOV. 12. 2003   16:39                        SEN HARRIS MAREEBA  07 40922755                                     N0. 0821

AUSTRALIAN SENATE                                                                                                       SENATOR LEN HARRIS
                                                                                                                                                 Senator for Queensland
                                                                                                                                                 One Nation Party

12/11/2003                                                                                                                            Photo of Senator Harris
                                                                                                                                                 on the signed original.
Kenneth Ivory                                                                            

Dear Kenneth

With reference to our video conference as of 11/7/03 it is my clear understanding that the process to be entered into would be the establishment of an independent administrator who then appointed an independent loss assessor, and that person being agreed to by Telstra and Solar-Mesh, to carry out a commercial assessment of the possible damage to Solar-Mesh Businesses and yourself as a result of equipment failure and inappropriate actions possibly undertaken by Telstra in relation to Solar-Mesh and yourself.  Following the appointment of the independent administrator it was agreed that the document setting out the process to be followed would then be established.

Subsequent emails from Ziggy further confirm the above.  It is of concern that I am advised by you that Ziggy and Bob are now requesting mediation on the above issues.  Mediation was not and is not the agreed process, the agreed process was and is the appointment of an independent assessor who would retain the services of a forensic accountant and other technical expertise to determine if and to what extent compensation should be made.

I trust that the agreed commercial assessment can be implemented forthwith to resolve the unfortunate saga to the satisfaction of both, Telstra, Solar-Mesh Businesses and yourself prior to the imminent Telstra A.G.M.

Yours faithfully
Senator Len Harris
Senator for Queensland

                                   Shop 11A, Post Office centre, 94 Byrne Street, Mareeba QLD 4880


So Senator Len Harris by his above facsimile sent to Ivory in 2003 does clearly show that by this outstanding CoT matter in 2016 not yet being commercially satisfied does evidence how a large number of SENIOR past and present officials and officers of the Commonwealth of Australia in relation to this still fully outstanding Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom matter, have misacted wilfully in abuse of their public offices and have breached their duties of care and responsibilities still owing to Ivory, and still owing to the Markets Globally in relation to wilfully and perhaps criminally omitting to have disclosed the 08 February 2005 bill of exchange and its 09.03.2006 Lien encumbrances officially placed and recorded over the Commonwealth’s Telstra 3 Share held by the Commonwealth from before the Future Fund was set-up latter in April 2006; which Telstra 3 encumbered shares were unlawfully dumped by Cabinet Members in the Commonwealth’s purported Telstra 3 Share Float, by them unconscionably and dishonestly omitting and concealing from disclosure this still accruing liability owing to Ivory to deceive and misled the Markets Globally and to thereby dishonestly and deliberately deceived and misled all Telstra 3 Investors and to conceal this public debt in budgets ever since from the Commonwealth’s Voting Public; who are thereby still being dishonestly and criminally misled and deceived by Cabinet Members and officers of the Commonwealth having collusively Stacked and Rigged the running of the ASX, ASIC, ACCC and ACMA to conceal this still accruing debt as being still owing in restitution of Property to Ivory.

Which herein commercially the largest financial debt ever owing to any Casualty of Telstra much more than all others combined whose matters were disclosed in the Commonwealth’s Telstra 1 disclosure prospectus as outstanding liability matters, but omitted to disclose this CoT liability which first arose right back on the 1st September 1993; so who is it that politically are still in 2016 unconscionably in concert with each other to unlawfully and to unconstitutionally still keep injuring, ignoring and to keep-on defaming, injuring and defrauding a Lawful Sovereign of the Commonwealth of Australia.

That defrauded Lawful Sovereign is Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, who is currently is a 64 years of age INVENTOR of proven inventions that were successfully registered in 93 Peace Treaty Countries, and whose successful INVENTIONS were officially registered in IP Australia files as Ivory thereby being a proven successful Inventor of his own Patentable Inventions, in addition to numerous Registered Designs, Copyrights and various Registered Trade Marks.

Which INVENTIONS financially reached successful market fruition, despite third party predatory boycotting committed from competing and conflicting loyalty dual income, Telecom-Telstra employed officers of the Commonwealth, who with premeditated criminal intent did dishonestly engage in third party predatory boycotting and market monopoly frauds of blatant industrial sabotage against this Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom-Telstra (CoT) victim.

Those predatory mishandling crimes and criminality were unlawfully committed in Total Deprivation of Human and Civil Liberties and in Tactical Premeditated Total Abuse and Misuses of Commonwealth Public Funds, and in Dishonest Abuses of the Commonwealth’s Telecommunication Monopolies, and were committed strategically in offence of the Laws and which predatory Crimes were committed to deflect attention away from and to cover-up from 1993 and forward their 1800 prefix systemic fault liabilities owing to Ivory.

Which other earlier tactical Crimes engaged-in earlier in 1996 were colluded Predatory Third Party Boycotting Abuses of the Telecommunications Act committed by full and unlawful withdrawal of all Telecommunications Services including of all 000 emergency access to unconscionably try and avoid the Commonwealth of Australia from having to pay-out any restitution of Property to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, thereby predatorily setting-out to fully stop all incoming cash-flows from Ivory’s businesses designed and planned to criminally prevent and stop Ivory having sufficient incoming cash-flows to be able to seek retaining expert legal representation to prevent  Ivory from proceeding to sue Telstra a division of the Commonwealth of Australia, over the 1993 instigating 1800 prefix systemic fault and subsequent predatory boycotting criminality etc designed to avoid paying the liability owing to Ivory and which Commonwealth Public Debt is thereby still fully owing and the principal sum certain owing is thereby still accruing even in August 2016, so this evidences that we have NOT had Any Honest Senators and or any Honest Members of Parliament since at least the 30th June 2005 to August 2016.

The past and present Senior Officials and officers of the Commonwealth involved and implicated have acted deliberately, unconscionably and have perhaps acted treasonously in offence of their oath’s of office, and their employed officers of the Commonwealth involved have also acted in treasonous breach of their elected Senior officials oaths of office as politicians and as Cabinet Members of the Commonwealth of Australia, to intentionally hide, omit and to unlawfully keep concealing how and what their predecessors criminally omitted to disclose any of this still accruing CoT liability by omitting to disclose any of this CoT matter to any Commonwealth’s Telstra 1, 2 and 3 Share Float purported share sales investors to omit disclosing that the Commonwealth’s Telstra 3 Shares being offered in the Telstra 3 Float were and still are encumbered by Ivory and or as per the bill and lien encumbrances awarded to be paid to Ivory; but those undisclosed encumbered Telstra 3 shares were omitted by Cabinet Members so as to by default criminally transfer the encumbered shares by dishonest political sleight of hand into the Future Fund to self-serving ensure to be able to fund their own political and officer of the Commonwealth superannuation’s from Telstra 3 proceeds of their political crimes funds, which funds are largely still owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, as evidenced by all of Ivory’s duly sealed and irrevocable and successfully Protested Financial  Instruments.

The above outlined wrongdoings are further evidence of the low ilk standard of a well longstanding ingrained culture misuse and abuses of public funds to fund criminal activities authorised and condoned from within the Commonwealth of Australia’s Cabinet Member ranks down through its branches, agencies, departments, servants and numerous governments since 1996 to 2016; which crimes are due to them:

                         * Dishonestly denying there is any problem; and

                         * Dishonestly discrediting and concealing this CoT Victim;

                         * Dishonestly concealing and denying their were any 1800 prefix systemic faults, despite officers of
                           the Commonwealth internally having had damming factual documented expert evidence that they
                           had serious 1800 prefix systemic faults, and which faults needed to be fixed network-wide, not just
                           on fault-by-fault subscriber-complaint-basis, but were not fixed for a prolonged period of time
                           and in 2016 1800 777 592 is still not working when dialled and was withdrawn in 1996;

                        * Dishonestly sabotaging to destroying their CoT Victim’s cash-flows to put Ivory and his family right
                          out of business and to destroy and disarm their CoT Victim’s ability to financially survive in his/their
                          business or businesses as a tactic to avoid paying restitution of Property;

                       * Dishonestly minimized the influence of their CoT Victims;

                      * Dishonestly concealed and have not revealed the truth, even though it mean falsifying fault
                        reports and even meant committing perjury under oath to pervert and defeat the course of justice;

                      * Dishonestly ensure they politically had stacked and did rig the running of the authorities such as the
                        running of the ASX, ASIC, ACCC and ACMA, and stacked the judiciary and the stacked regulators
                       to have each them all onside with the Commonwealth Governments of the day against the CoT
                       Victim; and

                     * Dishonestly, unlawfully and unconscionably monitoredIvory, his businesses and his family by
                       bugging their CoT Victim’s phones, faxes, business premises and homes, by putting their CoT Victim
                       and their families and their under age children all under unlawful 24/7 predatory storking by hiring
                       thugs and spies all called surveillance, all funded at any expense to the Commonwealth of Australia
                       without intervention by any Treasurer or Finance Minister or Communications Minister or by any
                       Prime Minister etc; and

                    * Dishonestly then they fully withdraw all of this CoT Victim’s telecommunication services fully from
                      service and for good by withdrawing from service all phones, faxes, computer access and all mobiles
                      and all 000 emergency access fully from all service from late 1996 are still disconnected from this
                      CoT Victim; and

Then when that did not do the job, they, then dishonestly and maliciously swore a Materially False Complaint to get an INVALID from day one of issue Apprehension Warrant issued on the 23 December 1996, to predatorily facilitate having the CoT Victim falsely and wrongfully arrested in total deprivation of human and civil liberties and to then tie their CoT Victim up in their politically controlled corporatized purported courts for years and years; and

In 2009 have the Head of Accounts receivable and Accounts payable of the Commonwealth of Australia’s Department of Finance and her CEO and another to each sign their names to third party predatorily pre-prepared materially false, misleading and deceptively incorrect bogus and false affidavits on the 23 February 2009 to set-out to aid and abet third party predator law firm to pervert and defeat the course of justice, yet again; and

All was dishonestly and unconscionably committed and perpetrated to strategically and dishonourably in treasonous contempt to try and hinder to avoid and delay paying the restitution of Property owing to Ivory; and

to wilfully conceal and deflect attention away from the accruing 1800 prefix systemic fault liability owing to this CoT Victim, seeing the debt owing in restitution of Property was not disclosed in the Commonwealth’s Telstra 3 Share Float disclosure Prospectus as part of Cabinet Members wilfully perpetrated INSIDER TRADING AND MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS to ensure funds were made available to secure being able to pay their own superannuation from the FUTURE FUND unlawfully being held proceeds of these political crimes as are herein exposed in good faith for the 2016 Elected TURNBULL COALITION GOVERNMENT to now commercially remedy and to prosecute the perpetrators to the full extent of the laws as they are constitutionally obliged to do forthwith to ensure they do not aid and abet those criminals who have blocked and prevent the above Senator Len Harris 2003 confirmed process from being fully complied with back in 2003 and ever since; which public fund payment commercial settlement process in 2003 was agreed to via and by the Chairman & CEO of Telstra when Senator Harris was on video link hook-up to a meeting Ivory and his mate had in Sydney Telstra Board room with CEO and Director Ziggy Switkowski and Chairman Bob Mansfield and was again on the 8 February 2005 requested by the Communications Minister the Hon. Senator Helen Coonan while face-to-face with Ivory and was witnessed in the Presence of Senator Len Harris and a witness of Ivory’s when Minister Coonan, Ministerially assured and promised Ivory that he will get paid and that he will not have to go back to any Court to get paid.


Dear ..en,
Greetings. We hope you're all well.
Please allow me a brief preamble to put Halsbury's Laws into context.
We the people of England, Britain and Australia have the world's exemplary and most revered Constitution to protect us not only from common crime, but also from the abuse of power by administrative governments (executive, legislature and judiciary). It forms the model for the U.S. and all legitimate Constitutions. The Constitution is crafted to ensure justice is equally available and equally applied to all. The only technique known to mankind by which this ideal may be achieved is the Trial by Jury as defined and prescribed by the Articles of Common Law inscribed into the 1215 Great Charter, Magna Carta. This, and only this, comprises the permanent supreme Law of the Land; Legem Terræ: The English Constitution.
This Constitution specifies that no one is above its stipulations, head of state and government personnel notwithstanding. No one is granted 'immunity' from prosecution at Trial by Jury; and every adult citizen may prosecute cost-free any wrongdoing committed by their social equals (commoners; pares or peers) whoever they be within or outside government.
See the Articles of our Common Law Constitution translated correctly and elucidated in Chapter Five, Democracy Defined: The Manifesto.
However, note that the constitutionally-provided protections which derive from the Powers, Procedures, Rights and Duties of the Juror in Constitutional Trial by Jury are all denied, obstructed or interfered with by judges in the government's faux "trial by jury" today. Common Law condemns this statist behaviour as comprising a gross felony and high treason; a core component of the Illegality of the Status Quo.
See section: The Following Five Facets of Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury Bestow Sovereignty on the Citizens in the Jury; Chapter Three, Democracy Defined: The Manifesto.
That is to say, every breach of the Constitution, such as denial of its Trial by Jury, constitutes firstly, crime per se and, secondly, is a judicable act of Treason at Common Law.
See (X) Treason in Definitions Unalterable at Common Law;
Chapter Three, Democracy Defined: The Manifesto.
Crime at common law is defined as any act of injustice committed with malice aforethought. Not only the effects but also the motives behind statutes may be exposed, scrutinised, prosecuted and judged at Trial by Jury by commoners, with the bureaucrats, parliamentarians and judges being held liable for their activities and inequitable, apocryphal and venal statutes.
Not only may government prosecutions of unjust laws be annulled by acquitting the defendant as Not Guilty (i.e., Annulment by Jury), but the law may itself be subsequently mandated for expunction ("struck down") when it is subsequently found by juries to be malicious when prosecution takes place of the government personnel responsible for framing or maintaining the legislation, and the state prosecutors and judges for its enforcement.

Everyone is subject, responsible and liable for their actions.
See sections on The Counter Plaint, and, Private Prosecutions: Two Ways to Equal Justice; Chapter Four, Democracy Defined: The Manifesto.
If the populace do nothing to ensure that their Constitution is rigorously upheld by every arm of government, then the administrations of such countries are perennially inclined to arbitrary rule administered with injustice: this is specifically the Common Law Crime of Tyranny exemplifying the Illegality of the Status Quo.
Quinton Hogg, Lord Hailsham, a previous editor of Halsbury's Laws, was an unmitigated élitist villain who supported the outright treason embodied in the anti-Constitutional concept of "parliamentary sovereignty." The essential fact to recognise regarding politicians' statutes in Halsbury and the apocryphal law 'dictionaries' (Bouvier, Black's etc.) is that all laws are subject to the judgement of jurors.

See sections: Law Dictionary Disinformation, Wikipedia Contributors’ Gibberish, and, Traitors Named; Chapter Six, Democracy Defined: The Manifesto.

Also see Lord Chief Justice Sir Edward Coke and the Case of Doctor Bonham; Chapter Six, Democracy Defined: The Manifesto.
Best wishes,
Kenn d'Oudney.


Who Hired, Who Retained and Who Failed to Sack These Corrupt Officers of the Commonwealth of Australia?

Why is it so, that in relation this fully unpaid restitution of Property, which quantum sum certain amount owing as has been independently awarded and has been independently quantified, and is still fully outstanding and is still fully owing and is still accruing monthly until fully paid to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, as the restitution of Property owing to Ivory which is not income in nature owing, but is owing to Ivory because Ivory is still a Commonwealth of Australia Victim who politically is discriminately, strategically and unlawfully still a fully omitted and was thereby not ever publicly disclosed and such political wrongdoings were and are unlawful market manipulation and insider trading frauds committed deliberately when criminally perpetrated by Cabinet Members, who knowingly omitted to disclose the quantum owing during the Commonwealth’s Telstra 1, 2 and 3 purported share floats; as Cabinet-Members colluded with board members and with advisors who each chose to conceal and to not reveal this still accruing public debt owing to Ivory, which public debt was therefore unconscionably and was unlawfully politically concealed, ignored and fully omitted from public disclosure, to rig the stock-market so as to strategically and unlawfully obtain much higher Telstra 1, 2 and 3 share sale prices, despite other much lesser quantum’s of restitution of Property owing to other CoT Victims were disclosed, but for much smaller owed quantum owing to those disclosed other politically selected CoT Victims hence the quantum owing to them collectively was politically disclosed by the very same Cabinet Members concealing the CoT debt owing to Ivory in the Commonwealth’s Telstra 1 public offer share float disclosures; they were disclosed as being only Five (5) outstanding Commonwealth Casualties of Telecom – Telstra CoT Victims, but in 1999 to 2003 at least Eight (8)CoT Victims were commercially settled, not just Five (5) as was falsely disclosed; and Commonwealth public records do prove beyond any doubt that Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and his Solar-Mesh Businesses were and are additional but were and are still fully undisclosed CoT Victims since at least 1993, and are being politically ignored in 2016 and are thereby unconscionably still being politically defrauded by dishonourable and dishonest currently Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth in August 2016, or alternatively have they each been misled, deceived and deliberately and falsely lied to by self-serving public funded, dishonest and or systemically corrupted public funded misadvisors, and or by their past and or present chiefs-of-staff wanting brownie points to keep fobbing Ivory off by ignoring  Ivory’s constitutional and human rights and entitlements, so as to themselves get pay rises and or so as to get political party endorsed by doing so, to as to then like Paul Fletcher and Josh Frydenberg did to by corruption become self-serving Ministers or Senators of the Commonwealth of Australia, despite thereby them each being unconstitutionally known to be thereby corrupt officers of the Commonwealth, from before being political party preselected in exchange for their wrongdoings committed to keep defrauding and boycotting Ivory, is it not so?

Why is it so, that also other Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth from before Paul Fletcher and from before Josh Frydenberg became unelected offices of the Commonwealth, have and so why did their predecessors also previously and since them each engage in such dishonest, dishonourable, totally unconscionable, and deliberately unlawful misconduct and gross wrongdoings since 1993 to 2016 avoid in having the Commonwealth of Australia simply pay the restitution of Property owing to Ivory by them strategically having engaged in third party predatory boycotting and industrial sabotage designed to fully destroy, injure, defame and to intentionally further defraud Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and his Solar-Mesh Business since Ivory and his businesses became in 1993 CoT Victims through-absolutely-no-fault-of-their-own, but through the sole fault of negligent and dishonest Telecom-Telstra officers of the Commonwealth and by the supplying defective 1800 prefix telecommunication service that was supplied in a not-fit-for-purpose-for-a-prolonged-period-of-time due to systemic faults in the Commonwealth’s Salisbury Queensland Exchange not network conditioning 1800 777 592 number range supplied to Ivory via his Solar-Mesh businesses from 1993?

Why is it that those 1993 to 2016 despicably corrupt involve officers of the Commonwealth as past and present Elected and Non-Elected Officers why are they each still being unconscionably and unlawfully politically protected by each of the Commonwealth of Australia’s past and present Prime Ministers and Governor-Generals, who have and are each still criminally and treasonously aiding and abetting in concealing each of their daily increasing crimes and or criminality to keep knowingly and dishonestly covering-up their political colleagues 1993 to 2016 crimes and to keep concealing from the voting public the proceeds of their crimes, which they each have thereby unlawfully obtained and gained by each of them profiting from the public funded proceeds of their cartels crimes, perpetrated to defraud Ivory and to dishonestly, falsely and unlawfully pervert the course of justice with a premeditated intent to fully defame and destroy IVORY to aid and abet officers of the Commonwealth to keep avoiding to pay restitution of Property owing to Ivory and which is owing to Ivory as a CoT Victim and as a Victim of those Commonwealth public funded Elected and Non-Elected crimes did they not?
Why is it, that those crimes cover-ups are still being covered-up, when historical public documented facts do irrevocably bear out this maximum of such corrupt misconduct committed wilfully by the implicated past and present officers of the Commonwealth, which protection racket was organised by past and present consecutive Prime Ministers and by past and present consecutive Governor-General’s engaging in own aiding and abetting of such treasonous constitutional wrongdoings on each of their parts, and or by their personal intentional and fraudulent failures to do their jobs? And; or

Was it because the last seven (7) and the current Turnbull Coalition Government have been receiving, poor and or falsely incorrect,  and or maliciously dishonest and unconscionably incorrect advise from their 2006 political stacked officers of the ASX, ASIC, ACCC, ACMA, TIO Limited, advisors and chiefs-of-staff of past and present, and or was and is it due to an ingrained dishonest and corrupt cancerous and contagiously sick-minded culture within the Commonwealth Public Service, and or was it due to an employment prerequisite requirement of those people implicate past and present having to have a ‘total lack of honesty’ of and by the people who as officers of the Commonwealth have ‘falsely been misadvising’ them intentionally, as well as having intentionally and dishonestly misled their Chiefs of Staff and or is it simply the ‘entire machine of government’ within the Commonwealth of Australia was and still is just simply corrupt and dishonourably rotten right through the core from the top to the bottom, by having dishonourable self-serving political party career politicians and career underling no-elected officers of the Commonwealth, who are perhaps in their own minds unaware that they delusional and think they are safe from prosecution despite being systemically employed not to protect we the people, and who in ‘their delusional public service states of mind incestuously corrupt mind sets’ do perhaps somehow think that they are each well above the law being answerable to the political law makers; and that they are employed on the public purse just for their own financial security, power, gains, status and ladder climbing to gain a status which is akin hereby to them each being worse than a ‘fraudulently dishonest cheap car salesman con-merchant’ thinking that they are have reached the prestige of being employed under or who themselves may have reached being an Elected and thereby a purportedly trusted officers of the Commonwealth in a safe seat, while in reality as historical facts prove they each instead are simply untrustworthy, and unconscionably dishonest as Elected and or as Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth, as their misconduct committed in this herein Ivory CoT matter does amount on each of their parts to be treasonous and contemptuous criminality being committed intentionally, unlawfully, criminally, and is unconstitutionally dishonest on each of their parts, is it not?

Unconscionable Misconduct with Premeditated Criminal Intent, Wilfully Committed by Dishonest Officers of the Commonwealth to Keep-on Deceiving, Injuring and Defrauding a Commonwealth, Systemic Fault Injured 1800 Prefix - Casualty of Telecom “CoT” Victim:

The Commonwealth’s Telecom – Telstra officers of the Commonwealth 1800 prefix fault liability response letters sent-out, since, about mid May 1994 were primarily strategically falsely written by Telecom - Telstra’s in-house Legal Counsel, and even some Ministerial response letters were written by Telstra’s in-house legal counsel and were then sent to Ministers and or to their officer of the Commonwealth Departmental involved Staffers, ready to then be printed or copied or reproduced onto Ministerial or on to Departmental Letter Heads and to then be sent to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and or to his Solar-Mesh Businesses, which was or is: “standard" Commonwealth Telecom-Telstra 1800 prefix systemic fault lawyer manufactured Commonwealth Casualties of Telecom-Telstra standard acts of malpractice and blatant unconscionable deceit designed to avoid liability and to create a pipe-line of Commonwealth public funded cash-flows being funded by crimes of in-house Telstra lawyers who were also partners in their Telstra retained law firm partnership of Mallesons Stephen Jaques “MSJ” from mid May 1994 and forward.   

That 1800 fault Commonwealth Public Funded pipe-line of cash-flows deceitfully and fraudulently funded STEPHEN JOHN MEAD to gain a partnership in the MSJ partnership, and it kept funding that MSJ Partnership by MEAD from within Telstra committing indictable crimes in the name of and from within Telstra to further defraud and injure Ivory and to then also maintain annual funding of millions of dollars per year to keep funding that ill-gotten MEAD MSJ Partnerships overheads funded from their collusively obtained proceeds from their 1800 prefix cover-ups committed by their dishonest CoT mishandling crimes.

Alarmingly, the Commonwealth of Australia’s agency Telecom - Telstra and its Ministerial spin merchants were far too quick to conveniently and intentionally try to throw the blame on to the 1800 prefix subscriber and or by denying that any 1800 prefix faults had ever occurred, despite the fact internal Telstra held Commonwealth public records do verify and prove beyond any doubt over and above witness statements that the 1800 777 592 prefix faults did systemically occur and did adversely occur from day-one and for an unconscionably prolonged periods of time.

The evidence exists in 1800 prefix files and in Telstra annual reports that Telecom - Telstra CEO’s, Chairman’s, CEO’s, Board Member’s, Senior Executives and Lawyers involved in their dishonest cartels have systemically been excessively profiting from their massive deceptive and unconscionable misconduct engaged in them as and by other officers of the Commonwealth and by Members of Cabinet as a form of politically Controlled Fraud covered-up by Cabinet Members of the their Cartel.

The evidence we have amassed shows clearly: Lawyers acted with competing and conflicting loyalties to profit from the proceeds of their crimes they did mastermind those frauds and those unlawful crimes predatorily perpetrated against Ivory and against IVORY over the last Twenty 22+ Years, despite MEAD in 1994 accepting full liability for and on behalf of the Commonwealth’s then 100% owned Telstra Corporation Limited.

However a “Ponzi Scam” is defined at times as stemming from the exploits of American/Sicilian Career Criminals and the title arose by the scams committed by a dishonest banker by the name of: Charles Ponzi.

Yet those types of fraudulent scams and 1800 systemic fault liability cover-up frauds and tactically perpetrated fob-off scams have been around for hundreds of years across many civilisations; but are not limited by the lawyers /offenders / fraudsters needs to persuade potential “customers/subscribers” of Telecom/Telstra of the “purported quality" of the then new “1800 prefix number range being network conditioned” when the 1800 777 592 number range: “was not net-work conditioned in the Commonwealth’s exchange from when 1800 777 592 was thereby supplied in a fully not fit for purpose state, for unconscionably an adversely  prolonged period of time, preventing Ivory from receiving any incoming 1800 777 592 dialled business from his Australia Wide Advertising.”

The Commonwealth’s Telecom - Telstra Lawyer’s and their Cartel did devise Ponzi Style, Fraudulent Reverse Blame Scams; whereby officers of the Commonwealth engaged in perpetrating fraudulently dishonest crimes designed to deflect attention away from the 1800 prefix liability owing to Ivory and to instead maliciously ensure to financially run Ivory around the block financially, so as to further rob, injure, damage and defraud the 1800 777 592 subscriber’s business owners of their assets, their lives, and out of their debt free owned businesses, because Ivory’s inventions Had successfully been register for Patent Protections in 93 Peace Treaty Countries so dishonest officers of the Commonwealth misused and engaged in an improbable ‘specifically engineered unconscionable and criminally orchestrated series of totally dishonest and fraudulent strategies’ engineered and committed so that Cartel Members were themselves being paid massively extra high salaries of many times their worth to criminally pervert and perform such corruptly dishonest crimes, so that the proceeds of their Commonwealth public funded crimes were paid into their own pockets via their MSJ law firm partnership’s proceeds of their cartels crimes. White Collar Crime.

This type of Fraud is committed based upon the legal profession officers of the Commonwealth corruptly preying upon the 1800 business subscriber’s owner, to avoid paying out restitution of Property. We are still in the middle of a massive cover-up scheme. The first phase is not over, it is just starting, because:

The various Commonwealth Governments since 1993 have aided and abetted by politically protecting their Cartel of corrupt officers of the Commonwealth, so as to unconscionably bail out Telecom – Telstra so that the Howard Coalition Government could unconscionably and by insider trading and market manipulation frauds could then dump without disclosure the Commonwealth’s encumbered Telstra 1, 2 and 3 shares.   

Main Street Commonwealth of Australia tax-payers have without disclosure to them, were forced to pay for their Cartels excesses. But that does not mean the scheme is dead and finished with. It means that the public sector have not chosen but are also victims of the Howard Coalition Government’s dishonest and dishonourable Cabinet Members having wilfully engaged in unlawful insider trading and market manipulation frauds by deceiving investors into swallowing their Finance Minister’s lies in 2006 that all outstanding liabilities had been disclosed in the Telstra 3 prospectus as they must be disclosed by law but were not disclosed and were unlawfully omitted and now the restitution of Property jurisdictionally awarded to be paid to Ivory as successfully Protested and which Public debt is still accruing resultant from the Telstra 1, 2 and 3 share float omitted Telstra 1800 prefix systemic fault liability owing to Ivory which systemic fault liability was fraudulent covered-up resultant but it is still daily accruing and is still fully a Commonwealth of Australia debt owing to Ivory until fully paid.

The debt owing to Ivory is still there fully unpaid. Some of the Cartel’s bad apples are still there. The same corrupt incentives are still in place. The same degree of profiteering is still occurring.  The same political and corporate wilful blindness indictable risks do still exist for implicated past and present politicians.  The past and current Cabinet Members astonishing silence and dishonourable and perhaps treasonous non-performances do ensure that the ever-increasing public debt keeps accruing by them fobbing it off, for the next elected political party to worry about and to satisfy by their abuses in public office of covering-up the public debt owing by concealing the accruing debt from disclosure.

So things are now much worse politically as corrupt people were just re-elected in 2016, by not having a Governor-General who is currently failing to exercise his prerogative powers to reuse dishonest criminals, so it is much worse because of the Ponzi schemes merry-go-round nature relies on having elected officers who are in politics for their own ill-gotten gains and who tend to think they are above the law and are not voted-in to remedy past wrong doings.  So some new people are trained to provide the influx of more of the same, conditionally that they do not act honourably and or do not act honestly, seem to be the norm, but, with each cycle of new people you will need more new people. So, eventually, you will run out of people willing to act corruptly and criminally to keep protecting each of the ever increasing corrupt cartels.” 

Yet such past and present aiding and abetting Cabinet Member frauds are covered in law, as is misleading, deceptive and unconscionable conduct. So, time is now of the essence for the Governor-General to ensure to forthwith have prosecuted those implicated career criminals.

Since on the 23 December 1996 the State of Queensland Government, the Commonwealth of Australia’s Howard Coalition Government, the Telstra Board, the MSJ partnership and its partner’s the State of Queensland’s Magistrate W. J. Smith, and its Police officers who are implicated and are each involved in protecting a very dishonest and perjuring corrupt STEPHEN JOHN MEAD, who maliciously swore a materially false complaint on the 23 December 1996 in total abuse of legal process and thereby they each acted every since as a Cartel via MEAD who acted with “actual malice” which included acting “with reckless disregard” for the lack of truthfulness of the information sworn in the materially false Complaint sworn by MEAD before W. J. Smith to try and avoid abuse of legal profess, which was premeditated intent of the involved guilty parties herein named or referred to. 

Then latter on the 23 December 1996 the Commonwealth, the State of Queensland, the MSJ Partnership, the Board of Telstra and its Senior Solicitor Phillipa Hore at the behest of STEPHEN JOHN MEAD wilfully and unconscionably published via facsimile a materially false, misleading and deceptive allegation with reckless disregard for privacy and for the law, via a Commonwealth owned Telstra facsimile published defamatory and derogatory material to Multi-National Competitors and to legal opponents of one (1) of Ivory’s companies with an intent to likely injure, damage and harm both  Ivory and IVORY without any them having any constitutional rights or any lawful rights to published or to commit such indictable crimes in the first instance on the 23 December 1996 before, during or after the False and Wrongful Arrest committed FALSELY, INVALIDLY and WRONGFULLY at the behest of STEPHEN JOHN MEAD and of his dishonest MSJ Partnership.

Moreover, the 23 December 1996 materially false, misleading and deceptive allegations published at the behest of STEPHEN JOHN MEAD to Ivory’s multi-national competitors and to one (1) of IVORY’S companies legal opponents was STRICKLY MARKED FOR INSIDE TELSTRA USE ONLY, not for external distribution.

Furthermore, no notice of 008 prefix numbers being defective were ever served on Ivory and or on any of his Solar-Mesh Businesses, but we were noticed that from the 1st September 1993 that we were compulsorily being forced to change over from the old 008 well established incoming business number known and promoted Australia-Wide to be replaced by the new 1800 prefix network number. At no time were we advised that the new network 1800 prefix number could be supplied in a not fit for purpose state from the 1st September 1993.   But in about 200 we got hold of a then Telstra 1800 number Application Form which in fine print disclosed that 1800 number were not fit for heavy incoming business usage. 

But the 1800 prefix number was forced on us to replace the old and to be fully withdrawn from service 008 prefix net-work-wide.  It was not until the 11 May 1994 that we were advised by a Telecom – Telstra officer of the Commonwealth via their White-Page directories listings lady Ms. June Hatton that 1800 777 592 was still a dead line when dialled and that the only calls we were receiving were still 008 number dialled incoming business calls.

We at Cabinet-Stacked are in-good faith exposing Political Corruption still being committed by Dishonest past and present Cabinet-Members of the Commonwealth of Australia because finding  political cures and political remedies for POLITICAL CORRUPTION is of an Importance!

Corruption on corruption!

All are Equal before the LAW
and are Entitled without any DISCRIMINATION to EQUAL Protection of the LAW.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948.

Magna Carta, 1215
The Foundation of Liberty.

Telecom-Telstra-Chief-Financial Officer is now the Chairman of Australia Post?

This web site is still under construction

John Winston Howard

Former Prime Minister of Australia

A link to ABC Insiders – 06/11/2016:

Featuring, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation’s down to earth Senator Rod Cullerton, calling for the Senate to get it right!