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                                              Stacked & Rigged by Cabinet Members? 

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull MP is hereby being urged to immediately sack or recuse the current Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove, and sack or recuse the Finance Minister Senator Mathias Cormann, and to also sack or recuse the Treasurer Scott Morrison MP, before the Parliament Resumes in February 2017.

Why should they each now be sacked, or be recused, you may be wondering?

The answer is for their combined collusive unconscionable, dishonourable and wrongful misconduct of scandalously and falsely fully omitting to make any full and proper accounting disclosures as required by law by omitting an outstanding liabilities owing by the Commonwealth of Australia; which has been omitted from being disclosed in the December 2016 half yearly budget updates, thereby published false and unreliable disclosures made to wrongfully keep the AAA Credit Ratings by omitting to disclose a very substantial public debt owing.

They were prior each served and formally noticed; hence, they collusively and are thereby SCANDALOUSLY, DISHONOURABLY, UNCONSCIONABLY and WRONGFULLY did wilfully act in concert with absolutely no separations of powers, to FALSELY keep-on ‘Keeping the Lid On’ the true and actually adversely deteriorated state of the actual indebtedness owing by the Commonwealth of Australia, TO cover-up Systemic Corruption within past and present Australian Governments, and which frauds, criminality and wrongdoings directly also involves the Head of the Department of Finance Account’s Receivable and Accounts Payable officer of the Commonwealth Jenni KOENIG, Anthony ASOME and Alice SPURGIN:-

Moreover, they have unconscionably and wrongfully omitted to disclose to conceal the true and actual current level of indebtedness owing by omitting to disclose many billion dollars of public debt owing; by them wilfully not disclosing it within the December 2016 Australian Government’s Cabinet Members' budget updates.
Hence they wilfully failed to disclose a major public debt owing and failed to bring to account a Successfully  Notarial Protested Bill of Exchange awarded debt, which public debt is an OVERDUE public liability of the Commonwealth of Australia, and which accruing debt is still fully owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.
It is Ministerial approved to be paid, but is still a Ministerial omitted public debt, which is thereby still accruing interest to the expense of tax payers, accruing at much much higher rate of interest to what the Commonwealth can currently borrow to satisfy the still accruing over due public liability; despite the fact that the successfully Protested Bill and its set of constitutionally binding Financial Instruments ‘Court of Jurisdictions’ Officially Awarded Prerogative Commands therein do substantially increase the actual indebtedness of the Commonwealth of Australia, and thereby increases the indebtedness of the purported Australian Government.
But we note for much lesser Ministerial conduct that on the 9 January 2017 HEALTH Minister Sussan Ley did actually stand aside without Ministerial pay while a review is undertaken into her expenses and she said her agreement to pay back some of the costs relating to a trip to the Gold Coast was not an admission that she has broken the rules.  It sure does seems that clearly only none Federal Members of Parliament are actually charged and are actually judicially punished to the full extent of the law for any such Ministerial wrongdoings. Does = one rule for Crown Ministers and other rules of law for us unprotected victims of their wrongdoings.   

In a statement on Monday 9 January 2017, Mr Turnbull said Ms Ley had agreed to stand aside without Ministerial pay while an investigation into her expenses was conducted by the Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.  But we ask how could the Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet act with any separation of powers?

No wounder Ms Ley has already publically said that she was “confident” she will be cleared of any wrong doing.

But Ms Ley’s Ministerial predicament get’s even more interesting, because we note that Senator Arthur Sinodinos will take on the Health Portfolio, while the purported independent but internal probe takes place by the Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet purportedly probing into Ms Ley’s alleged abuse and misuse of Commonwealth public funds; but, Mr Sinodinos himself has experienced stepping aside from a Assistant Portfolio role. Because, in 2014, he left his position as Assistant Treasurer in the Abbott Government when Mr Sinodinos was called to give evidence at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) following donations made by Australian Water Holdings to the Liberal Party. He was a director of the company at the time of the donations made, before he entered parliament as a Senator. 

Thereby Senator Sinodinos was in early 2014 aiding and abetting in concealing this still accruing public debt as the Assistant Treasurer under Treasurer Joe Hockey and as he previously did so when an advisor to Prime Minister John Howard, as well as when he Senator Sinodinos was in 2014 the Assistant Treasurer, he acted in treasonous contempt of an ‘Irrevocable Prerogative Writ of Commands’ issued for immediate payment and is officially issued under seal pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth) by the Court of Jurisdiction as was officially delivered and served on the Treasurer Joe Hockey right back in February 2014 and was also officially delivered and served on the Finance Minister Mathias Cormann and so by the ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ created by their Ministerial treasonous contempt the said ‘Prerogative Writ’  was in 2016 then officially served on the Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove for his constitutional intervention and prerogative compliance, but, all is still without any response or any compliance by or from the Governor-General, due to him, the Prime Minister, plus the Finance Minister and Treasurer, unconstitutionally and scandalously acting defiantly and treasonously by misacting with absolutely no separations of powers whatsoever.

However, we note that some how in August 2016 it was then announced that Mr Sinodinos, who is a key ally of Mr Turnbull, would have no findings levelled against him by the ICAC.

But, Mr Turnbull has now said that Ms Ley needed to stand down, because:

           “Australians expect the government to deal with these serious matters
             very thoroughly”.
           “I expect the highest standards from my Ministers in all aspects of

            their conduct, and especially in the expenditure of public money,” he
            said in a statement.

Senator Arthur Sinodinos will take over Ms Ley’s portfolio while the internal review purportedly takes place by the Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Ms Ley has said that the decision to stand down for investigation was: “agreed in a mutual conversation” with the Prime Minister.

If the Governor-General, Finance Minister and the Treasurer are not willing to resign then Kenneth-Clyde Ivory does believe that Malcolm Turnbull PM does not have any choice, but to sack or recuse them from holding the office of the Governor-General, the office of Finance Minister and the office of Treasurer, before the Parliament resumes in February 2017.
The main three (3) Political Parties people were each preselected and thereby were strategically Stacked & Rigged by revolving Government's of the Commonwealth of Australia since 1993, and more so since 1996. 

The Commonwealth's at all material times agency Telstra, and their thereby very collusive officers of the Commonwealth involved, did not only fail to act responsibly, honourably, and or honestly; but they instead each wilfully acted collusively and scandalously and they failed and breached their duties of care owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory; and breached their duties of care owing by them to Telstra's Shareholders, Investors and they recklessly and dishonestly misled and deceived the Stock Markets Globally by unconscionably, scandalously and wilfully engaging in illegal Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds Globally; by wilfully omitting to disclose this still fully outstanding Commonwealth Casualty of Telstra (CoT) victim, still accruing public liability, which sum certain amount owing would have made a substancial adverse material effect on the Telsstra shares sales price obtained.

The 09 December 2016 was the: International Anti-Corruption Day.

But, in 2016-17 the Commonwealth of Australia is still reeling under a pile of escalating public debt, so the Turnbull Coalition Government are concealing a pile of escalating debt owing from well before the economic down turn in 2008; omitted from disclosure to a point that consecutive Government's of the Commonwealth of Australia are failing to pay up. 

As Politically they are wilfully acting in total abuse of their high public office positions, so they intentionally keep employing artful and wilfully dishonest Department of Finance Accounts department Debt Payment Defaulters, whose own 2009 scandalous crimes and wrongdoings are being wilfully aided and abetted by being GOVERNOR-GENERAL downwards covertly covered up by such wilful omissions, and by totally non-disclosure of the encumbered Sum Certain Amount owing by the Treasurer and Finance Ministers, to maintain bogus AAA Credit Ratings.

Therefore, even on the 09 December 2016 within the Commonwealth of Australia, the Turnbull Coalition Government’s Cabinet Members are still acting wilfully in concert with the Governor-General, who is another ROMAN CATHOLIC who have an affiliation with the Pope, and who thereby treasonously engaged in scandelous contempt of the court of jurisdiction, pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth), given their combined unconstitutional totally silent misconduct; committed by skilful and Artful Public Debt Payment avoidance tactic; which, misconduct is not fitting of any Constitutional Representative of Her Majesty the Crown.

Which political and non-elected officers of the Commonwealth's collusive misconduct shows, that they politically and heads of departments implicated are still NOT committed to yet have corrupt officers of the Commonwealth of Australia who scandalously are perpetrators of corruption and fraud to be penalized, and or to be legally held to account to the full extent of the law; by maintaining to keep a less than honest and politically useless Attorney-General and a equally useless Justice Minister as they are each silently still ensuring they politically remain complacently above the rule of law, but they preach that everyone else must fully comply with the rule of law; therefore, they are politically wilfully aiding and abetting in protecting not just themselves; but, also in criminally and unconstitutionally protecting the herein outlined scandalously corrupt crimes of their predecessors, who had wilfully engaged in serious insider trading and market manipulation fraud and serious fraud and corruption, as was wilfully perpetrated by trusted Cabinet Ministers of the Howard Coalition Government acting in breach of their oath's of allegiance given constitutionally to Her Majesty.

The over the last two (2+) decades of revolving Government’s of the Commonwealth of Australia since 1993 they politically do not have a strong record in tackling and or in dealing with punishment for political and public service perpetrated corruption as herein outlined in good faith; but they, are still spending this year alone in 2016/17 another $127 million extra out of tax payers funds to intentionally thereby simply keep funding to conceal how the dishonourable Howard Coalition Government unconstitutionally wilfully STACKED & RIGGED the misrunning of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), the Reserve Bank of Australia Board, the Telstra Board, the Mallesons Stephen Jaques Legal Advisory firm's board (MSJ), the ACCC, the ACMA, the FUTURE FUND Board, and APRA misrunning, the Courts Judiciary all to wilfully keep concealed their insider trading rorts.

This ongoing public funding of ASIC a 1996 STACKED & RIGGED Commonwealth agency; now with an ingrained ASIC history of not protecting We the People of Australia who have been financially adversely affected by dishonourable and dishonest politicians and officers of the Commonwealth to keep concealing decades of their dodgy dealings, fraudulent crimes, malpractice and misconduct in the communications & financial services industry, which scandalously still remain unreformed.

The Coalition Government has apparently established the purported Fraud and Anti-Corruption Centre within the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and rewarded their failures and refusals to AFP pursue corrupt officers of the Commonwealth by the Turnbull Coalition Government giving the AFP an additional $15 million into the multi-agency centre in 2016-17 year; thereby, the AFP still are refusing to pursue corrupt Department of Finance officers of the Commonwealth and their corrupt lawyers, etc.

That thereby extra tax payer wasted funding provided for an additional 26 specialists to bolster the AFP’s operational response to thereby still doing absolutely nothing to hold to account any corrupt past or present officers of the Commonwealth and or to hold to account any of their Commonwealth public funded lawyers, Prime Minister's, Governor-General's etc for their past and present serious and complex fraud, by protecting their ROMAN CATHOLIC gross conflicts of interests and those of their legal counsel and of their law firm partnership, and those of the banking industry's third party collusive legal counsel retainer bribing, etc.

The Turnbull Coalition Government is STACKED & RIGGED with ROMAN CATHOLICS, for example indeed at Easter in 2014, while under the Abbott Coalition Government the highest ever proportion of ROMAN CATHOLICS were occupying senior positions. Of Nineteen (19) of those Cabinet Member’s, at least eight (8) were ROMAN CATHOLICS. 

Many of the same ROMAN CATHOLIC Ministers were also in the Howard Coalition Government.

The public policy impact with so many ROMAN CATHOLIC’S as Ministers at such high levels; puts, the ‘constitution’ further into the bottom of their hidden cabinet office cupboards; because, Her Majesty’s reign is the Church of England, therefore, some may find their STACKED & RIGGED Government, their Courts & their Tribunals are each Stacked & Rigged with ROMAN CATHOLICS which is therefore perhaps not just in contempt of and for Her Majesty and of and for Her Majesty’s authority and of and for the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia; but, may be ROMAN CATHOLIC public officers treasonous misconduct of criminal proportions, evidence in this still fully outstanding CoT Victim’s matter.  

Back in Sir Robert Menzies prime-ministership years, there was only one ROMAN CATHOLIC Liberal Party Member sitting in the House of Representatives; back when the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia was much more often complied with politically and by unelected officers of the Commonwealth.  Thereby, we then had better legislative framework that allowed investigators to investigate these sorts of crimes, but all that stopped once the ROMAN CATHOLICS started to hijack things.

We at Cabinet-Tactics point-out in good faith that we are NOT against ROMAN CATHOLICS in fact we have good friends and family members who are honourable ROMAN CATHOLICS and we are NOT against ANY other RELIGIONS, but, we do believe religions are for each individual, as that is their or our own rights to believe in whatever they or we wish to believe in.

But, when so many serious conflicts of interests having arisen in abuses of public office, and have criminally occurred over so many decades; and we were and still are on the adverse receiving end of so many decades of corruption and scandalous wrongdoings perpetrated against us, by or via past and presently Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth of Australia.

So we were politically forced to investigate these Constitutional Crisis facts, because we have witnessed falsehoods and criminally perpetrated by Commonwealth Public Funding retainer bribed perpetrators; who get funded by public funds to misact without any separations of powers; via officers of the Commonwealth.

Who also abused and stole Public Funds to fund their own owned and undisclosed law firm partnerships in their telecom retained Mallesons Stephen Jaques partnership; all while MEAD & HOARE etc were still full time in-house employed as Telecom officers of the Commonwealth; thereby committing indictable crimes to fund their own partnership’s profits and overheads by perpetrating crimes for their partnership to keep being public funded by the likes of STEPHEN JOHN MEAD committing crimes to defame KENNETH CLYDE IVORY and to maliciously defraud and financially injure this herein CoT victim Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.

Such crimes were committed by MEAD wilfully perpetrating his seriously unconscionable indictable crimes, fraud, deceit and third party predatory boycotting and industrial sabotage crimes; which, criminality in 2016-17 still politically keeps getting swept under the Cabinet Room Carpets by implicated ROMAN CATHOLIC Cabinet Members; and has and is currently being fully ignored by consecutive governments since 1993 and also fully ignored by consecutive purported representatives of Her Majesty who are aided and abetted by the current ROMAN CATHOLIC Governor-General.

We at Cabinet-Tactics needed to establish why is the Governor-General and Prime-Minister each unjustly remaining totally silent, and we found that the current purported GOVERNOR-GENERAL of the Commonwealth of Australia, was appointed in 2014 by a ROMAN CATHOLIC Prime Minister; for the current GOVERNOR-GENERAL as a ROMAN CATHOLIC to some-how-with serious constitutional competing and conflicting religious standings to try to be Her Majesty’s Church of England faithful and compliant official representative of the Crown within the Commonwealth of Australia in Her Majesty’s absence; who was also SWORN-IN by a ROMAN CATHOLIC Chief Justice of the purported High Court of Australia. 

With these extremely Stacked & Rigged ROMAN CATHOLIC'S currently in and by default by holding all currently high public offices; it has become evident that things have been thereby further STACKED & RIGGED within the highest positions in this once fine Country, this evidentiary information does highlight this is thereby a serious Constitutional Crisis.

Hence, We at Cabinet-Tactics thereby fully expose herein the stench created by this clearly unworkable ROMAN CATHOLIC Constitutional Crisis; which, Constitutional Crisis, We the People do now currently have within the Commonwealth of Australia, by Political Party infiltrated ROMAN CATHOLIC’S; stacked from the GOVERNOR-GENERAL downward.

The ROMAN CATHOLIC Chief Justice FRENCH knowingly is protecting KEANE QC, as is their ROMAN CATHOLIC Governor-General, and as is the the now ROMAN CATHOLIC Prime Minister Turnbull; instead of them each forthwith RECUSING their ROMAN CATHOLIC corrupt 1999 to 2005 dishonest Commonwealth Public Funded retainer bribed fraudster PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC. KEANE QC must be RECUSED by his fellow ROMAN CATHOLIC buddies for life and forthwith from practicing in any law and from holding any public office ever again and they must have the AFP investigate and prosecute KEANE QC.  KEANE was rewarded further for his crimes by being elevated by two (2) other former Prime Minister(s) ROMAN CATHOLIC Kevin Rudd a Queensland State Government colleague of KEANE QC and ATHEIST Julia Gillard who had KEANE QC elevate her former law firm partner to the Federal Court and then GILLARD elevate KEANE QC to the High Court in exchange for services rendered.

KEANE QC had definitely misled a State of Queensland Trial Judge in 2001 and which KEANE QC was thereby Found to be Guilty of in an open court room by his three (3) in-hindsight State of Queensland Chief Justice (Paul de Jersey) appointed Supreme Court of Appeal justices, chosen by Paul de Jersey QC because of they were three (3) conflicting mates of KEANE.

The three (3) State of Queensland Appeal Court Justices in 2002 each repeatedly found that KEANE QC another ROMAN CATHOLIC is GUILTY of having wilfully definitely misled the trial judge in 2001; before they then wilfully covered their hands by placing them over each of their bench microphones and they then went into a quiet huddle; and they then, quickly called to adjourn for long enough; to then illegally and unconstitutionally but to thereby fatally meet behind closed doors with just KEANE QC in their Chambers without Ivory. KEANE QC is now a HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA JUDGE since Prime Minister Gillard further elevated KEANE QC as an additional reward for KEANE QC's past indictable services rendered, when KEANE QC was moonlighting in 1999 to 2005 on a Commonwealth Public Funded retainer bribe to provide special favours in exchange to defraud IVORY, so Prime Minister Rudd first elevated KEANE QC in 2010 to be the Chief Justice of the Federal Court.

Then, during that adjournment those three (3) dishonourable purported Justices had criminally and corruptly rewound the court of appeal recorded transcripts; to then, have them re-tape over to erase their factual findings that KEANE QC had definitely misled the trail judge in 2001; they thereby judicially each wilfully committed indictable crimes with criminal intent so as to premeditatedly falsify the court transcript records so as to illegally set-out to cover-up for and to thereby illegally and corruptly protect the State of Queensland, its Government's cabinet members, magistrate, and police etc implicated; and to protect the Commonwealth of Australia, Mead, Telstra the Commonwealth Government and the corrupt KEANE QC; by them thereby, wilfully and corruptly judicially misacting contrary to law; to ensure to thereby wilfully  set out to further defraud, defame and injure the name of: KENNETH CLYDE IVORY, thus demonstrating there was No Separations of Powers, all by them judicially and legal profession having dishonourably and dishonestly failed to disclose their gross conflicts of interests and also each chose to fail to disclose to  Ivory that KEANE QC was a moonlighting retainer bribed Solicitor-General of the State of Queensland; so KEANE QC should have BEEN indicting MEAD and MSJ partners instead of taking Public Funded retainer bribes to instead and to in exchange provide special judicial and political protection to protect STEPHEN JOHN MEAD and his MSJ Partners, etc for their 23 December 1996 materially false, illegal, unconscionable and malicious indictable crimes perpetrated in deprivation of human and civil liberties, without warrant, without police interview and without factual justification and with a premeditated intent for no bail to be given, as is recorded on and by Queensland police internal records.

We now find out in December 2016, that KEANE QC is yet again another ROMAN CATHOLIC; who is being protected by the purported current chief justice of the currently purported HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA another ROMAN CATHOLIC; therefore both KEANE QC as a justice of the HIGH COURT is thereby misacting under the same ROMAN CATHOLIC Chief Justice who swore in the current ROMAN CATHOLIC Governor-General who to-date has unconstitutionally and has dishonourably remained silent in this matter.

So alarmingly Her Majesty our Lawful Sovereign of the Commonwealth of Australia does NOT have any Church of England GOVERNOR-GENERAL or PRIME MINISTER or CHIEF JUSTICE of the High Court official Church of England faith representatives within the Commonwealth of Australia.  So clearly, it is now such that Constitutionally Her Majesty’s Church of England Authority has been tactically by- sleight-of-hand hijacked and perhaps contemptuously and treasonously has been unconstitutionally hijacked by a colluding high profile gang of dishonest ROMAN CATHOLICS.

Thereby the current GOVERNOR-GENERAL by his ROMAN CATHOLIC Religion is totally incapable of honourably and constitutionally complying with his OATH OF OFFICE who thereby swore a materially false oath as was given therefore dishonestly and unconstitutionally as if in allegiance to Her Majesty asserting to be religiously free and able to act solely for and as Her Majesty’s Constitutional Representative; but did not and has not compliantly yet constitutionally done so in relation to this Church of England Court of Faculties exclusive Notarial jurisdiction matter, because as a ROMAN CATHOLIC the GOVERNOR-GENERAL cannot remain in office; because the GOVERNOR-GENERAL as a ROMAN CATHOLIC already had and still has an allegiance to the POPE and thereby an allegiance to the VATICAN CITY a foreign power.

Thereby this still fully outstanding and unsatisfied Successfully Notarial Protested bill of exchange Commonwealth Public Debt sum certain amount owing to Ivory does irrevocably have a Court of Faculties and thereby has a Church of England court of jurisdiction, all pursuant to the bills of exchange Act 1909 (Cth), which clearly is why the Governor-General has a competing and conflicting loyalty by being a ROMAN CATHOLIC thereby he is constitutionally NOT doing his job; seeing the current GOVERNOR-GENERAL is a ROMAN CATHOLIC and is thereby incapable of continuing to hold the highest constitutional office in this country which ROMAN CATHOLIC Stacking & Riggging is thereby politically and ethically rapidly being constitutionally hijacked so as to destroy this politically and very rapidly declining Country's standards by their collusive breaches of all fair play and breaches of all natural justice.

Hansard 2-4-1891 Constitution Convention Debates

  QUOTE     Clause 46. Any person- 

  (1.) Who has taken an oath or made a declaration or
        acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to
        a foreign power, or has done any act whereby he has
        become a subject or citizen or entitled to the rights or
        privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power; or
  (2.) Who is an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent, or a public
        defaulter; or
  (3.) Who is attainted of treason, or convicted of felony or of any
        infamous crime;
        shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator
        or member of the house of representatives until the
        disability is removed by a grant of a discharge, or the
        expiration of the sentence, or a pardon, or release, or

Thereby how can any ROMAN CATHOLIC validly be a Senator or a Member of Parliament, and or a Governor-General and or a Chief Justice, or a Justice of any State, Territory or Commonwealth purported Courts; when, they as public officers are contemptuously and treasonously wilfully ignoring and or failing to act in compliance with Her Majesty's Notaries, Successfully Notarial Protested Bill of Exchange, and or with the 18 February 2014 stand alone 'Irrevocable Prerogative Writ of Commands' commanding payment of the Notarial Court of Faculties duly sealed and recorded Public Debt owing by the Commonwealth of Australia to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, because they have acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power the Pope and thereby to the Vatican City, do they not as ROMAN CATHOLICS thereby refusing, ignoring and  or wilfully failing as ROMAN CATHOLICS to honourably comply with and or to honourably perform required tasks as Senators, or as Members of Parliament, or as the Governor-General or as a Judge; to thereby as ROMAN CATHOLICS to not be constitutionally compliant to and with Her Majesty's Church of England's Authority and issued Notarial Instruments, because it is Her Majesty's Court of Faculties thereby Church of England Notaries, who do have the sole jurisdiction in relation to the Beneficiary's Bill's still fully outstanding and fully unpaid public debt matter owing by the Commonwealth of Australia to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth), hence as ROMAN CATHOLICS they are being treasonously in contempt by politically as ROMAN CATHOLICS trying to do away with Her Majesty Constitutional Authority, Standing and Powers and by trying to do away with Her Majesty's Court of Faculties Constitutional Powers and authority, evidenced by the fact that in this matter they are estopped from forcing this matter into their politically Stacked & Rigged corporatized purported State, Territory & Commonwealth Federal & Lower jurisdiction Legal Profession & Politically Stacked & Rigged purported Courts

Particularly give that ROMAN CATHOLICS can NOT  serve two (2) masters . Also given that ROMAN CATHOLICS must stick-together and help each other, which is repeatedly brain-washed into ROMAN CATHOLIC'S at and during requiem mass services.

Hence constitutionally is it therefore not in fact unconsitituional for ROMAN CATHOLICS to be Senators or Members of Parliament, or a Governor-General or State Governor or Territory Governor based on these herein outlined ROMAN CATHOLIC invalidity fact?

For more details see: www.cabinet-tactics.com

  Is this why politicians are largely no-longer honest?

We note that back (in 1997) the real losers were the taxpayers and to an extent, the thousands of employees who will have been sacked when Telstra reached its roll-out target—cable past 4 million households or 2.5 million households if it is assumed that Telstra's CEO accepts directives from the Minister.

The winners will be the purchasers of Telstra shares who can almost certainly expect to see a hefty increase in the price of their stock when Telstra finally delivers on its promise of reducing excessive labour costs.

It remains to be seen whether executives responsible for the mess Telstra is in are accountable for their performance and whether our elected representatives, who are supposed to be in control, are willing to act to prevent further loss to the present owners of Telstra.

Quoted - 'Operation Echo' as Tabled in the Senate by Senator Calvert on 25 June 1997.

Why are Politicians and the Legal Profession generally hated so much?

Why are legal profession and politicians generally at the butt-end of so many jokes?

Why is it said that Politicians, Lawyers, Barristers, Queens Counsel and Judges (the legal profession) do boast to have some of the most purportedly distinguished and are the most appointed purportedly learned people; is it because of their powerful ritual cartels which they are also members of?

Why do we as lawful sovereigns still have a deep-set concern about the abhorrent misconduct of Politicians, and of the rest of the Legal Profession is it because constitutionally it is a gross conflict of interest and is a competing and conflicting loyalties for a trained Lawyer to become a Politician, but unlawful still do so, is that treasonous contempt for the constitution and or is it treasonous contempt for Her Majesty due to their incompetency as corporate Court Lawyers or is it due to them being corporate Court legally trained to be disingenuously and professionally so dishonest to misled and deceive We the People?

We the People have determined the underlying causes of the serious problems caused by the Political Legal Profession inflicting there wrongdoings as a cartel, Folklaw tends to consult by having free access think tanks such as Facebook, Emails and the Internet Web Sites to expose such wrong doings such as are exposed on www.cabinettactics.com www.cabinetstacked.com and on www.cabinetdeceitfultactics.com to in good faith expose their crimes of how their legal profession cartels pervert and defeat their corporatized purported Courts to aid and abet their State, Territory and or Federal Government Political employers to avoid paying in this instance the Commonwealth Casualties of Telecom-Telstra restitution of Property owing to Ivory by officers of the Commonwealth authorising and tacitly condoning for public funds to be misused and abused to pay lawyers from Public Funds to keep-on engaging in dishonest misconduct of Public Debt Payment Avoidance Tactic's as are still being misused and abused to keep-on injuring and defrauding We their outstanding CoT Victims.

Resulting in Politicians and their implicated member's of the Legal Profession who have caused three (3)main causes resulting in their bad reputation of:
                  * 1. Lawyers over-charging their clients far to much to fund their own
                        unnecessary plush offices; and are leeches who feed off human

                  * 2. Lawyers engaging in self-serving breaches of the law, and who
                        do totally lack any moral regard for complying with legal ethics;

                  * 3. Lawyers who are typically corrupt and abusive smart arses and
                        are control freaks with overly inflated self-serving egos.

Some people dislike some lawyers because We the People are forced to pay in advance for legal representation but the lawyers in exchange do not care if they win, loose or draw once they have their money and they do not care if their client gets stuck with cost orders to then pay for the other sides lawyers legal costs because some lawyers fail to do what he or she was paid to do or had upbeat the case to mislead and defraud their client once Lawyers and Queens Counsel have been already paid upfront; with no attainable legal recourse for the lawyers having technically just defrauded client to profit from the proceeds of their white-collar-crimes and frauds.

Effectively in 50% of all litigation one (1) of the two (2) parties will end-up with one (1) party hating politicians, lawyers, judges and Queens Counsel as out in this web site and 100% of all cases heard there can only be 50% who win and 50% who loose but in all upfront paid representation 100% of the lawyers, judges and Queens Counsel each win 100% of the time financially, but karma may end their careers much earlier than if they had acted honourably and honestly.

Some unscrupulous law firms and their over paid partners and lawyers have a habit of profiting win, loose or draw; but they unashamedly leave their clients in financial ruin after tortuously slow and painfully unnecessarily lawyer drawn out legal disputes; so as to unconscionably simply keep making, more and more lawyer profits for both sides lawyers; and for both sides Queens Counsel etc; why? so as to keep-on make bigger profits for themselves.

It is rarely about what is the actual truth is and it is virtually never these days about justice.

It is usually only about who can pay the most funds to their lawyers so as to keep kicking the other-side while they are down and or by both-sides lawyers wilfully dragging the proceedings out until the other-side can no longer keep fighting. Is this why dishonest or failed lawyers then become Politicians and do automatically tell their already trodden-on, and financially injured, damaged and unjustly suffering Male or Female living Constituent's as lawful Sovereign's to take in this instance the Commonwealth of Australia to their STACKED & RIGGED Corporatized purported Court’s, ASX, ASIC or ACCC with politically rewarded and appointed judiciary; that is why politicians encourage constituents to go and see lawyers to sue in their stacked courts whenever We the People rightfully and constitutionally want financial restitution for our Property owing by the Commonwealth of Australia or owing via it’s agency(s)?

Scandalously politicians and lawyers rarely offer a positive remedy experience since clients approach politicians and lawyers when they have a legal problem and are often then resultantly already simply burdened with the initial Legal Problem and the resultant Lawyers added legal Fees to be both negative outcomes. 

But their are some HONOURABLE and genuine lawyers, barristers and Queens Counsel out there who will speck their clients cases on no-win-no-fee basis to at the end of the day find the Judges and the other sides legal team had concealed their competing and conflict loyalties so as to unconstitutionally STACK & RIG their Politically Appointed Judiciary cartel outcomes so as to further defraud We the People who in this instance is their longest fully still outstanding and financially largest ever CoT Victim and those white-collar crooks do also defraud the honourable legal team out of being able to be paid their fees by concealing their criminality.

Additionally, most lawyers are these days more concerned with the minute by minute billing units to keep increasing, as opposed to actually helping their generally already financially already injured client who are in this instance victims of corrupt and dishonest officers of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The politically corporatized purported justice system does not want to realise or do not want to acknowledge that they no-longer have ethics in their profession as a very few ethical lawyers do still actually exist, but until the matter is over, We the People generally will have not know that their lawyers and the other sides lawyers are legally trained actors called lawyers and were not genuine and or were simply only money-motivated-shysters. 

Despite the fact that the lawyer is meant to be as sworn oath officers of the Courts and thereby are meant to be our honest and trusted guardians of the rule of law; but We the People get deceived and tricked by that false notion that all humans are equal before the corporatized purported Courts of Law. That old political and lawyer created deceitful notion is grossly at odds with reality, which the writer has first-hand witnessed over the last two (2) plus decades.

The legal profession dress up in gowns and some in horse hair wigs to in court play their games of being skilful & witty; but their insightful humour; is used to waste time to run up bills, while supposedly intimidating their opponents with irrelevant money raising twaddle; which is generally irrelevant to the issues!

While the evidence is clear that Your own lawyer falsely makes-out he or she hates the other sides lawyers, but each are generally just pretentious jerks who play charade's to help each other milk their clients for as long as they can without providing any substance in exchange, but they still think We are to dumb to notice the reality of their money making procession of screwing Us over, We their clients without Us knowing.

Hence some members of the politically and judicially favoured legal profession are generally in reality evil liars and can be the utter scum of the earth who strut around like as if they own the world because they have a law degree. 

Some have said that those sorts of lawyers could thereby excel as they are akin to a cartel of common prostitute's for hire.


1998 Senate Hansard Extracts
Pertaining to Telstra Corporation

Senator SCHACHT —Well, that just proves again you are a very successful company with the cash flow and the profits you have.

Can I now turn to the capital works program and the business plan over the next three years.

The capital works program was $4.3 billion in 1996-97 and I think you said it will be about $3.9 billion this year just ending.

Is there a consistent trend, because major expenditure items have been completed, that the capital works program will be declining?

Mr John Stanhope CFO of Telstra We expect it to decline over the three years of the plan. We are trying to get to what we call world best practice levels of capital expenditure to revenue ratios.

It is generally accepted around the world in telecommunications companies that the appropriate level of capital expenditure is about 20 per cent of revenues.

That is what we are aiming to do. We are a bit higher than that now.

We have experienced the pay TV broadband roll-out and we are doing a modernisation of the network, as you well know, throughout Australia.

When we are over that hump, we will get down to the 20 per cent ratio.

How many $ Dollars  of public debt has & is being strategically concealed from We
the People?

To conceal crime and misconduct peretrated by Elected and Non-Elected Officers of the Commonethwealth?

This website is still under construction.

Is Deliberate Financial Liabilty
     Concealment An Indictable Crime?

On 25 June 1997 Senator Calvert TABLED IN THE SENATE a document evidencing Rorting from within Telstra but it was all covered-up by Australian Federal Police refusing to investigate, despite the fact that:

In early 1992, hard evidence of the rorts was brought to the attention of the CEO of Telstra.

Operation Echo was established to investigate evidence of travel allowance rorts, and the NSW Police were involved. Almost immediately investigations were narrowed to one State; one category of staff within that State; and for the most part, the period of time prior to 1992.

In mid-1993 Telstra's CEO acknowledged that Telstra had a major problem.

The NSW police sought the establishment of a joint AFP/NSW Police Task Force, but when the AFP refused to become involved, the investigations collapsed.

The final outcome of Operation Echo was a single conviction, with a goal sentence reduced on appeal to a good behavior bond.

Notwithstanding the failure of Operation Echo, one of the original informants persisted with his allegations and maintained a constant stream of correspondence with Federal politicians, Telstra, the ATO, the Australian National Audit Office and other relevant government agencies.

Eventually, forced by the weight of overwhelming evidence that it had been, and was in breach of the law,

Telstra issued on 30 September 1996, "Guidelines to managers and employees on the tax implications of travel allowance" and introduced a Tax Certification form to accompany each TA claim.

Deduction of tax installments with respect to part of each TA claim commenced on 18 November 1996, where applicable, i.e. where an employee stated he had returned home from his temporary station during the relevant period, otherwise than as prescribed in Telstra's Human Resource Guidelines.

In early February 1997 Telstra proposed changes to its travel policy that should have been regarded as fair, but which staffing associations labeled outrageous and unacceptable.

At a hearing before the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, Telstra's representative conceded that Telstra's proposed new policy was "a major variation from what is the current practice," and the representative of the Unions declared twice that "the option of status quo is one that we would certainly like to exercise." He indicated it was "a potentially explosive issue"

and it would be unwise in the extreme to give any commitments on whether the matter would lead to industrial action. Discussions with the ATO and with Telstra would continue, he said.

In the absence of industrial action, it appears that an accommodation was reached between Telstra and the Unions, but at what price?

The Union position was that "any taxation on TA should be paid by the management." Telstra did not state its position, but soon after the AIRC hearing announced a $3 billion return of capital to the government.

It continues to meet claims for 14 days TA per fortnight and treats the payment as wholly deductible provided an employee declares he did not return home during the relevant period.

As no receipts or details of accommodation at the temporary station are required for audit purposes by Telstra, the company has in effect made it easy for employees unwilling to relinquish the benefits of the custom and practice of the past 30 years, to maintain the status quo.

The only significant difference between current and past practice is that employees alone are now responsible for false declarations, and the ATO alone is responsible for detection of such declarations.

Telstra's CEO and Board have known about this scam since 1992.

They have had the time and the opportunity to change the policy and reduce the cost of labour so that cable roll-out commitments could be met and Telstra would be in good shape for the imminent share issue. Instead, they have done nothing but deceive their Minister, their appointed auditors and the owners of their stock—the Australian taxpayers.

The result of their refusal to address the TA issue is that high labour costs were maintained and Telstra failed to meet its cable roll-out commitment to Foxtel.

This will cost Telstra directly at least $400 million in compensation to News Corp and/or Foxtel and further major losses will be incurred when Telstra's stock is issued at a significantly lower price than would have been the case if Telstra had acted responsibly.

Why is it that we are
unable to meet face-to-face with the Prime-Minister?

Operation Echo:

The same newspaper reported on 8 August 1993:

"Chief Executive Frank Blount has admitted the inquiries were of `enormous proportions' with up to 400 people to be interviewed and records subpoenaed from more than 100 motels."

On 12 September 1993, under the headline "Telecom probe stalls", the Herald Sun reported: "Crime commanders from NSW learnt last week that Federal Police were less than enthusiastic to their request to join the investigation.

And they do not want to commit NSW police resources without assistance from the Commonwealth . . . Now without a joint Federal-State police operation, those probes are unlikely to proceed."

A possible reason for the AFP's lack of enthusiasm emerged the following year. In 1993 and 1994, the Federal Member for Wannon, Mr David Hawker asked a series of questions about public sector fraud relating to the years 1991-1993.

On 28 August 1994, the Sunday Telegraph reported under the headline, "$6.5 million missing in PS fraud," "Workers in sensitive areas including ASIO, the

National Crime Authority, Customs, the Family Court, and the Australian Federal Police were convicted of fraud according to information given to Parliament."

Apparently the NSW police had a similar problem. According to Mr Saul, he was never interviewed by police, and only token efforts were made to access and seize motel records as evidence.

Invariably it was found that moteliers ( often former police officers) had been warned to expect a visit.

In the course of evidence given to the Royal Commission into the NSW Police Force, Assistant Commissioner Schuberg admitted that three detectives from Tamworth who admitted to rorting their travel expenses were dealt with internally and fined rather than charged with fraud.

Commissioner Wood asked:
"This is a fraud, is it not, of the kind we have seen politicians and others go to jail for?

You have people who are proven liars with criminal records who are still carrying out policing and giving evidence?"

Assistant Commissioner Schuberg replied: "Yes, I do think it raises a problem."
   *   Legal professional privilege

Whether Telstra was active behind-the-scenes in preventing a proper investigation by the police is not known.

What is known is that, at the time, Telstra had representatives of two law firms on its Board—Mr Peter Redlich, a Senior Partner in Holding Redlich, who had been appointed for 5 years from 2 December 1991 and Ms Elizabeth Nosworthy, a partner in Freehill Hollingdale & Page who had also been appointed for 5 years from 2 December 1991.

One of the notes to and forming part of Telstra's financial statements for the 1993-94 financial year, indicates that during the year the two law firms supplied legal advice to Telstra totalling $2.7 million, an increase of almost 100 per cent over the previous year.

Part of the advice from Freehill Hollingdale & Page was a strategy for "managing" the "Casualties of Telecom" (COT) cases.

The Freehill Hollingdale & Page strategy was set out in an issues paper of 11 pages, under cover of a letter dated 10 September 1993 to a Telstra Corporate Solicitor, Mr Ian Row from FH&P lawyer, Ms Denise McBurnie.

The letter, headed "COT case strategy" and marked "Confidential," stated: "As requested I now attach the issues paper which we have prepared in relation to Telecom's management of `COT' cases and customer complaints of that kind.

The paper has been prepared by us together with input from Duesburys, drawing on our experience with a number of `COT' cases. . . ."

The lawyer's strategy was set out under four heads:

"Profile of a `COT' case" (based on the particulars of four businesses and their principals, named in the paper);

"Problems and difficulties with
`COT' cases";

"Recommendations for the management of `COT' cases; and "Referral of `COT' cases to independent advisors and experts".

The strategy was in essence that no-one should make any admissions and, lawyers should be involved in any dispute that may arise, from beginning to end.

"There are numerous advantages to involving independent legal advisers and other experts at an early stage of a claim," wrote Ms McBride. Eleven purported advantages were listed.

In particular, Ms McBride argued that the initial point of referral should always be the Corporate Solicitors Office,

"in order to bring into operation the potential protection of legal professional privilege for documentation and other reporting procedures;" and

the Corporate Solicitors Office should continue as "the point of referral and control in order to maintain legal professional privilege (where possible) over information and documentation created during the handling of the `COT' case."

If technical, fault reports were needed, these should be commissioned by the Corporate Solicitors Office and provided only to the Corporate Solicitors Office in

"an attempt to create the initial protection of legal professional privilege for such reports."

The Freehill Hollingdale & Page strategy was accepted.

Given information from businesses named in the strategy paper on what happened before and after the strategy was implemented, it appears that since 1992, Telstra has adopted a much more adversarial approach in dealing with complaints concerning service or any other form of criticism.

This shift in corporate culture makes it more likely than not that in 1993, advice was also sought and received by the Telstra Board on the "management" of travel allowance fraud allegations.

[In a Media Release dated 16 April 1997, the Minister for Finance, the Hon John Fahey, MP, announced the appointment of Freehill Hollingdale & Page as Australian legal adviser for the sale of one-third of the Commonwealth's equity in Telstra.

The appointment was made following "a very competitive selection process from a wide field of domestic and international law firms", the Ministers said.]

The ANAO's response to allegations re travel allowance In late 1993, after witnessing the evident failure of police investigations,

Mr Saul informed the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) of irregularities in Telstra travel allowance claims.

He was not contacted by the ANAO, although the transcript of the Senate Estimates Committee hearing on 25 May 1994 suggests that the ANAO acted on Mr Saul's information, and furnished Telstra with a copy of its report:

Senator Calvert —Would you still have the same concern with the IRC direction that employees have to substantiate receipts for only seven days in a fortnight to receive that 14 days TA?

That was one of the concerns you raised before.

Mr Holmes — Yes.

Senator Calvert — That seems to be the basis for a lot of these travel allowance rorts.

Mr Holmes — The Australian National Audit Office report actually picks up three basic issues.

I think it does it very well.

The first issue is the problem of the removal of a person's temporary station, and that is the basis on which calculations are done.

That is really a recurring problem in a very mobile work force; this is a construction work force we are talking about.


Now, with the imminent release of the Telstra Prospectus, the community is beginning to judge the Howard Government's inclination to maximise the sale price of the one third interest in Telstra on 14 March 1997, "Chanticleer" wrote in the Australian Financial Review :

"If handled properly, the Telstra float is a house-making deal. If stuffed up, it could become a house- breaking deal.

Its a high stakes game that could make or break the careers of those who put their signature on the prospectus.

Cabinet-Stacked Say:
This is why no signatures were put on the INVALID Telstra 3 purported Prospectus.

The 2006 Telstra Board Members and the Finance Minister Minchin each refused to sign their names to what they know are FALSE Insider Trading and Market Manipulation FRAUDS in the still unsigned off Telstra MARKET Disclosure purported Prospectus.

Senator CALVERT —
I table the document.

This document inadvertently was not tabled at the public meeting of the Environment, Recreation, Communications and the Arts Legislation Committee which occurred last night.

It is a summation of matters which I first raised in the parliament as long ago as 1992.

It relates to allegations of massive travel allowance abuse and fraud in Telstra which, it alleges, has been going on under the nose of Telstra management.

It is my understanding that this document was prepared by Mr David Bertleson at the request of Mr Edward Saul from Port Macquarie, New South Wales, and it incorporates much of the evidence which has been amassed by Mr Saul over a number of years.

Mr Saul, in fact, speaks with some knowledge of these matters, having at one time been employed by Telstra's protective services unit to assist in investigating overtime abuse.

This is a sorry tale of mismanagement by Telstra and, I believe, victimisation of some of those who have sought to bring these matters to some sort of an end.

I am sure that many honourable senators on both sides of the house who have had some involvement in this matter will read this document with interest.

Finally, I would like to thank the minister, Senator Alston, for his ongoing assistance in this matter.

I also congratulate you, Senator Patterson, as committee chair, for ensuring that Telstra at long last be brought to task.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Senator Patterson) —Thank you very much.

Insider Trading Fraud

This website is still under construction.

Why have Telstra Board Members and Cabinet-Member's
chosen to defraud the remaining fully oustanding Casualties of Teleom - Telstra "CoT" Victims?

Operation Echo:

On or soon after 10 January 1997, Mr Saul received a letter mistakenly dated 10 January 1996, from a Telstra FOI Coordinator, Mr George Sutton.

The letter refers to Mr Saul's FOI request of 2 September 1996 and to Mr Sutton's interim reply of 19 December 1996, which Mr Saul was asked to disregard.

The letter states that Telstra has 8 tapes that include the record of interview with Mr Saul in 1992 (the interviews that precipitated Operation Echo);

the corresponding transcripts of the tapes; the documents provided by Mr Saul supporting his oral evidence; and telephone conversations with Mr Saul during the period 3-29 July 1996

(Mr Saul alleges that from February 1992 all of his telephone conversations were taped illegally by Telstra, or by private investigators engaged by Telstra).

Mr Sutton, a Telstra FOI Coordinator, decided that all of this material is exempt under section 37(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act 1982. The section states:

   * "a document is an exempt
      document if its disclosure under
      this Act would, or could
     reasonably be expected to:

(a) prejudice the conduct of an investigation of a breach, or possible breach, of the law, or failure, or possible failure, to comply with a law relating to taxation or prejudice or prejudice the enforcement of proper administration of the law in a particular instance."

Less than 5 weeks after the AIRC hearing, the Australian Financial Review reported in its 10 March 1997 edition, that "senior Telstra figures" had stated the previous day that the company Board was "comfortable" with a special payment of between $2 billion and $3 billion to the Federal government, and that "the exact size and timing of the payment are yet to be determined."

What it was for exactly was never stated, though Telstra's CEO, Mr Frank Blount seemed to foreshadow the payment when he suggested in 1996 that Telstra had a "lazy" balance sheet, and that Telstra could return money to the Government.

The AFR report was followed on 18 April 1994 by a joint Media Release by the Minister for Finance, Mr Fahey and the Minister for Communications and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston (Annexure 4).

The Ministers advised that "after consultation with the Board of Telstra and following the advice of the Government's sale advisers, it has been agreed that Telstra will make a payment from retained earnings to the Commonwealth of $3 billion by the end of this financial year.

Telstra will raise new debt in association with this initiative."

The aim of the return of capital was "to put in place the optimal capital structure for Telstra prior to the sale of one third of its equity" and, to "ensure Telstra's capital structure is more in line with other international telecommunications companies."

The following day (Saturday, 19 April) the Age newspaper reported that Telstra's board had approved the previous day, a payment of $3 billion to the Federal Government.

The Age reported that Standard and Poor had, as a result of the Board's decision, reduced Telstra's credit rating from AAA to AA+.

They predicted slower revenue growth and diminishing margins, and market share would cut from 7 to 5 the company's interest coverage ratio—the ratio by which profits exceed interest payments.

They considered that Telstra's financial ratios could worsen if the company did not reach its targeted cost reduction over the next two years. Moody's said they would be making a decision in the near term to further reduce Telstra's credit rating.

Ken Davidson asked, in the same edition of the Age:

  * "Why force Telstra to borrow $3
     billion from the public?

Why doesn't the Government borrow $3 billion direct from the public itself?

Do financial markets trust Frank Blount more than John Howard? . . .

The bottom line is that the government is imposing a burden on Telstra that will add the equivalent of two- three cents to each local call based on extra Telstra borrowing costs of $240 million to $270 million a year.

How come?

Telstra has already more than fully committed its cash flows to developing the network in the year ahead based on the fact that it has already negotiated extra lines of credit with the banks to meet an anticipated cash flow shortfall next year. . . .

  * "As a result of the $3 billion
     commitment to the Government,
     and the additional borrowings
     that will be required to fund the
     accelerated roll-out of the fibre
     optic cable for Foxtel, Telstra's
    debt-equity ratio will rise from
    about 25% to 50%. . . .

In 1991 the then Labour government, as a result of pressure from the Democrats in the Senate, converted $4 billion of Telstra debt to the Government to Telstra equity on the grounds that the Telstra needed a stronger equity base to meet the anticipated competition.

Since then, Telstra has become a milk cow for vested interests under the cover of introducing competition to Telstra."